Which Torchwood Character Are You?

Competent or not, you have to love the eclectic team that makes up Torchwood. Every one is messed up, attractive, lovable, messed up, talented, and did we say messed up? Fighting aliens never was so much fun.

Which character are you? Tosh-the-genius? Ianto-the-butler? Jack-the-sex-captain? Owen-the-bully? Gwen-the-empath? Complete the quiz to find out which of the team you most resemble.

Created by: demotu
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your partner dumps you. What is your reaction?
Figure you weren't good enough for them and move on.
Are shocked and upset and cry a lot.
Oh well, plenty of fish in the sea!
Screw a lot of strangers and get very drunk.
Wait. They'll come back to you.
4. You have a report to write up. You...
get it done right away.
bribe someone else into doing it for you.
get it done. Eventually.
forget about it and hope no-one notices.
5. Happy birthday! On the day...
you go out for drinks with your coworkers.
you get really drunk, alone.
you have a romantic dinner with your partner.
nothing happens. You never told anyone when your birthday was.
nothing happens. Nobody cares when your birthday is.
6. Sex is best had...
with strangers.
with a long-term partner.
with someone attractive.
anytime, anyplace, with anybody.
when somebody notices you.
7. People love you for your...
sense of humour.
8. You find a wallet on the road. You...
keep it. Hey, sucks to be that guy!
keep it, but only because you forgot to return it.
track him down using his driver's license and show up at his house.
mail it to him.
stalk the guy to a bar and hit on him - hey, he's cute!
9. You've been up for twenty-four hours straight, and your boss asks you to close up shop so everyone else can leave. You...
tell him to go f--- himself and leave.
make puppy-dog eyes about your family missing you so he'll let you go.
stay, clean up, and then sleep with your boss.
agree to it and then pass out at your desk.
delegate it to someone else.
10. It's the end of the world. You...
go home to your loved ones.
save the world with your super-human powers!
make coffee and wait.
shag everyone.
come up with a brilliant but impossible plan and execute it due to your brilliance.
11. You've traveled back to the 1940s and are stuck in WWII. You...
join the army, fight honourably and die unknown.
use your 21st century knowledge to help the allies.
work in a hospital and end up meeting a nice nurse and settle down.
sleep with all the cute officers.
do everything you can to get back. There has to be a way.
12. There's an alien archive for you to steal things from. What do you take?
The brain-downloading device so you can learn everything fast.
The alien medicine that can save your friend from dying.
The harmless-looking alien teddy bear.
The sex toy.
Nothing. You're too cool for that stuff.
13. When you were a teenager, you...
didn't know what you wanted in life.
wanted to run off and see the universe.
knew you were going to have a good job and a nice family.
couldn't wait to get away from your family.
did what your parents wanted you to do.
14. Weapon of choice?
Sonic blaster.
Stun Gun.
Classic WWII pistol.
15. Straight or gay?
Straight but opportunistic.
You people and your labels.
16. Do you inspire trust?
Yes, but only because they don't think about me long enough to not trust me.
No, because I put myself first.
No, because I like to keep people guessing.
Yes. And I try to live up to it.
17. Most likely career path:
police officer.
18. Sex with coworkers.
Damn straight.
If they're hot enough.
If it's useful to me.
I'd love to, but they don't notice me.
Yes, but it was a bad idea.
19. Your style of dress is...
trying too hard.
like a teenager.
smart and stylish.
20. People dislike you for your...
mean streak.
lack of self-esteem.

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