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  • I am Luke Skywalker YIPEE

    Yeezus3020 May 30 '16, 1:24PM
  • i got chewbacca!

    ScottyBoi87 May 9 '15, 7:53AM
  • how did i get dart vader i dont get it aaaaaaaaaa

    darkshadow573 Feb 1 '15, 3:52PM
  • Han Solo! That's a first!!! I don't think I've EVER gotten him on any Star Wars test. How weird. Well I'm in a funky mood so my answers were a little bit off lol because I was having so much fun, this quiz is really funny XD

    DarthVader Aug 30 '13, 11:00PM
  • I GOT JABBA THE HUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    mythgirl61 Feb 19 '12, 10:41AM
  • This is a great quiz! I'm Obi-Wan Kanobi

    YodaFreak May 17 '10, 7:23PM
  • Wow I'm Darth Vader. XD

    Skywalker Apr 20 '10, 4:45PM

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