Which Skins Character Are You?

Skins is an e4 drama about the lives of eleven teenagers in Bristol. They drink, hook up, and engage in debauchery til they collapse, but they've also got their own lives and characters.

So which Skins character are you? To avoid making the quiz too long, it just includes Tony, Sid, Chris, Cassie, Michelle and Jal (sorry Maxxie, Anwar and Abigail!). It's a personality quiz, not gender, so it doesn't matter whether you're male or female. Give it a try.

Created by: Sally of Not Another Teen Grrl
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. School is...
An interesting social experiment.
Oh, school. Yeah. Haven't been there in a while.
Only for smart people.
Something you have to do to get where you're going.
4. I think of food as...
Something you eat to keep going. Simple.
I don't know... yummy?
The least fun thing a guy can eat.
Chips and burgers.
Genius. Breakfast is my heroin.
5. Clothes are...
Alright, when they're clean. Which is never.
Better on the floor.
Not important.
Your ultimate skill.
Pretty cool.
6. Plans are...
Rubbish. Impulse is the spice of life!
Okay, as long as whoever makes them knows what's what.
Oh, I made a plan once. I lost it, though.
Essential, if you want to achieve something.
Made by me, for everyone. Simple.
Usually made for me in advance.
7. You're sent to clean your room. Do you...?
Come up with a typically ingenious plan to get out of it.
Laugh. Ha ha!
Colour-code your wardrobe.
Do a decent job; it was pretty clean anyway.
Pick up some stuff, and put it back down again. Then log into MySpace.
Arrange everything symmetrically instead of actually tidying it.
8. Tests are coming up. You're feeling...
Cool as a cucumber. Do you ever feel anything else?
Nervous. But not nervous enough to actually study.
Tests? Ha! Maybe I'll take a sick day.
A little bit nervous, but you've done the work.
Nothing. Nobody expects you do well.
You don't worry much about school...
9. In 20 years, you see yourself...
Ugh! Old! No thanks.
Managing a company.
Dead? Working as a bin man?
Floating. Like magic.
With a Masters degree and a professional career.
Married to somebody nice.
10. You use a computer for...
Printing off assignments, and surfing the web.
Anything. There's a whole world out there.
Playing Tetris. The colours make you dizzy.
Playing Science Fiction online. And losing.
Smashing with a bat?
Fashion websites. Heaven in any language.
11. If you were stuck on a desert island, you would...
Look for help.
Live in the forest.
Build a raft big enough for ten.
Die an excruciating death.
Trash the place, and get off with the natives.
Escape. Or eat your friends. Every man for himself, right?
12. Your favourite animal is...
Panther. Clever but good-looking, and impossible to catch.
Horse. Strong and hard-working.
Butterfly. Beautiful and magical.
Fish. Three second memory? That's even shorter than mine!
Hamster. Small, fat, lazy.
Cat. Pretty, but with sharp claws.
13. Do you have a dark secret?
Yeah. Well. Everyone already knows it.
Just because it's secret doesn't mean it's dark.
There's nothing I can't trust my friends with.
It's difficult to tell people what's on my mind.
Nothing my mates couldn't weasel out of me!
Dark is just an interplay of light.
14. Exercise is...
Good. You've got to stay on top of your game.
Dancing while on speed.
Pretty important. I'm not lazy.
It has to be done. Sigh.
A distant, distant memory.
It makes me feel tired...
15. Life is...
A party.
Difficult sometimes, but always worth it.
About as boring as I am.
Just wow.
For having fun.
Pure energy.

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