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  • i'm chinese and i'm cassie(+chris). so me.

    rockkin Oct 17 '14, 8:22PM
  • I am somewhere between Tony and Chris, that is rather odd considering they have such different personalities. Anyway, Chris is my favourite character so I feel flattered

    diana328 Jul 31 '13, 7:12AM
  • I'm wondering weather all Chinese girls get JAL?!

    CSS Jul 18 '13, 1:23PM
  • Wow im Sid, what a suprise (not), but i like that character :)

    pracsteen Jun 24 '13, 3:46PM
  • LOL WHAT?! I got Tony?! But...But I'm so nice. Well, 'least Jal was second.

    Apocalyptic Mar 16 '13, 2:13PM
  • I'm Michelle :)

    katd13 Dec 19 '12, 9:12PM
  • I'm Chris, and I'm really not.. sigh, I keep ending up like Sid, wanting to be Tony and stuff

    furrylegs Nov 5 '12, 9:06PM

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