Which Skins Character Are You?

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rockkin said:
Oct 17 '14, 8:22PM

i'm chinese and i'm cassie(+chris). so me.

diana328 said:
Jul 31 '13, 7:12AM

I am somewhere between Tony and Chris, that is rather odd considering they have such different personalities. Anyway, Chris is my favourite character so I feel flattered

CSS said:
Jul 18 '13, 1:23PM

I'm wondering weather all Chinese girls get JAL?!

pracsteen said:
Jun 24 '13, 3:46PM

Wow im Sid, what a suprise (not), but i like that character :)

Apocalyptic said:
Mar 16 '13, 2:13PM

LOL WHAT?! I got Tony?! But...But I'm so nice. Well, 'least Jal was second.

katd13 said:
Dec 19 '12, 9:12PM

I'm Michelle :)

furrylegs said:
Nov 5 '12, 9:06PM

I'm Chris, and I'm really not.. sigh, I keep ending up like Sid, wanting to be Tony and stuff

Katherine0708 said:
Jul 1 '12, 4:11PM

Your Result: You are... Jal

Sensible, reliable, and dedicated, you're the one all your friends can trust, and you always spot when someone's not being totally honest. Good for you.

Cool quiz !!

bubbles9 said:
Mar 12 '12, 1:55PM

Wow.. I got Cassie....That's so lovely

gallifrey said:
Nov 21 '11, 4:20PM

I'm Jal... Nice ahaha! Always considered the mom of the group grrr.

Roxi said:
Jun 9 '11, 11:10PM

I Love Skins!!! its Wonderful!! lol I'm Chris! YES! one of my favorite characters! haha my mum doesn't like him at all but i think hes adorable! =]

SimlishSammy said:
Aug 9 '10, 6:12PM

Cool...I got Jal.

Rocker24 said:
Apr 23 '10, 9:11PM


megl0vesskins said:
Sep 28 '09, 5:59PM

lol im chris my favorite character my mom thought he was gross but i thought he was adorable and funny

NothingToSay_ said:
Sep 26 '09, 3:07AM

haha wow im cassie ... lovely :)

Rollsterr said:
Sep 24 '09, 6:52PM

Ah, I'm Tony, ha.

I think not. But well, my friends tell me I am, so I suppose that thinking your one thing & being another to other people is complex. Perhaps they are correct, maybe I am.

chewzcal said:
Sep 3 '09, 8:47PM

SID, I knew it...

Cherie said:
Apr 23 '09, 2:46PM

CHRIIIIS!!! Lol he is my fave :p

kayta said:
Apr 18 '09, 5:05PM

Yeahh Im chris xD

Ruubi said:
Mar 7 '09, 3:57PM

Lol, I'm soo Cassie. "Oh, erm, wow..."

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