Which renewable energy source are you?

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BGB64 said:
Mar 9 '13, 1:57AM

I got everything 79% except biomass which i got 48.

ruby62 said:
Dec 28 '11, 8:04PM

solar power oh yeah

vampgirl579 said:
Aug 17 '11, 4:02PM

Wind, then geothermal. The wind part I wasn't surprised about, but geothermal???

dragon ember said:
Aug 23 '10, 1:32PM

OH NO! ITS TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panzer119 said:
Jan 13 '10, 8:32AM

im geothermal. yay?

Talfreo said:
Jan 9 '10, 5:24AM

Solar energy, then wind. Why'd I figure?

vampGIRL said:
Jun 13 '09, 6:29PM

WOo geothermal... that means i'm gas.

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