Which Reality Show Is Right For You?

Ever wonder which Reality Television show is right for you? There are so many choices and so many shows, but I have narrowed it down to 5 very different shows, and hopefully one of them matches you!

So which Reality Show IS right for you? Just take a minute, 18 questions, and some patience and you will soon find out! So good luck, have fun, and please leave comments and rate when finished!

Created by: aszand_58
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. The coolest thing about reality shows is that they:
Entertain people
Give an average person a shot at fame
Hook up couples/drama
Reward those with true strength and smarts
4. Your favorite cell phone feature is:
The organizer. It helps you stay on track
Text message. Love notes from you crush are the best
The ringtones. You love picking out different sounds
The camera. You love taking lots of pics of your friends
5. Summer isn't summer without:
Cute boys/girls
Hot concerts
Crazy outdoor sports
Mini skirts and cute bikinis
6. At a party, you are the one:
Making eye contact with the guy/girl across the room
Helping the host, making sure things run smoothing
Crooning on the karaoke machine
Dancing with the hotties
7. If you were a contestant on Fear Factor, what would be your fave part?
Treating every challenge like a dramatic performance
Flirting with the cute host
Your close-up shot
Getting physical and nailing every challenge
8. Your fave pair of jeans are:
Broken in and comfy
Low-rise and snug-fitting
Torn in a few spots
9. If you went back in time to the '60s, where would you go?
Going to the cool shops/vintage shops
Going to the rallies
The mob of screaming fans of the Beatles
The record stores
10. It makes people nervous, but you totally don't mind:
Performing center stage
Being in a room full of the world's hottest guys/girls
When all eyes are focused on you
Multi-tasking and working super-hard under the pressure of a deadline
11. You love that your crush is:
Musically Talented
12. How much money do you usually spend in a week on your personal needs?
13. Your favorite movie with "America" in the title is:
"American Pie"
"American Wedding"
"America's Sweetheart"
"American Gangster"
"In America"
14. Your friend with a camera suddenly shouts, "Quick! Say Cheese!" You:
Throw up a casual peace sign
Blow a kiss in the camera
Give a thumbs up
Pose like you are on a mag cover
Make an angry face
Scream at them and tell them to "Shut Up and Go Away"
15. At an amusement park, you go to the _________ first.
The most death-defying ride the place has to offer
The game booths where your crush/BF/GF is
The roller coaster - you love the wacky pics they take
Nowhere. You're not really an "amusement" type person
16. If you are taking forever in the bathroom, chances are you are:
Primping your face and body with a spa treatment
Soaking in a bubble bath to relax your overworked muscles
Singing your fave song in the shower
Getting ready for a date
Going to the bathroom
Doing hair/makeup
17. What job would you prefer?
You don't want a job
18. Which color do you like best?

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