Which Raptor Are You?

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Emoji girl said:
Jun 18 '17, 1:59PM

Falcon hey I'm not small I am the tallest girl in my class

LoserLoner said:
Feb 12 '17, 12:17PM

Ferruginous Hawk
you would be a Ferruginous Hawk! The largest North American hawk, this bird nests on the ground and therefore is prepared to take on any predator from any direction at any time. They're ver...

At least I have wings!

LokiCat said:
May 20 '16, 1:16PM

Owl? Nope, i really don't like owls. i like falcons and black-and-white hawk-eagles and hawks and eagles...

killergirl009 said:
May 11 '16, 7:43PM

dont repost those stuff coz i pressed f6 and it didnt display my crushes name so plz dont waste ur time

Red shot paw said:
Mar 25 '16, 5:02PM


Red shot paw said:
Mar 25 '16, 5:00PM


LokiCat said:
Mar 23 '16, 4:11PM

Hawk YAY

autumnleaves said:
Feb 19 '16, 3:26PM

Connor_4 said:
Nov 14 '15, 4:57AM

The spam is real

Lamya quizzes said:
Jun 20 '15, 2:51PM

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Dr whovian said:
Apr 23 '15, 5:13PM

Hailpool said:
Feb 20 '15, 1:44PM

I'm a Common barn owl! YAY!! :3!!!

rhimicha said:
Jan 31 '15, 1:09PM

I got a Common Barn Owl, and oh man, the description just cracked me up XDDD Cute quiz lol I do scream when I'm angry haha. But I don't get angry very often at all. I keep it all pent up.

Matmail said:
Jan 29 '15, 11:49AM

lightningbolts said:
Jan 8 '15, 2:03AM


Pelli said:
Jan 2 '15, 9:38PM

I got a Great Horned Owl. Awesome!

MidNightMutent said:
Dec 31 '14, 2:49PM


Katt Nipp said:
Dec 7 '14, 3:07AM

LMBO!!! they scream like a posessed espresso machine, too XD

moonchild456 said:
Dec 5 '14, 8:12PM

tied with great horned owl, American kestrel and ferruginous hawk!!!

kent69 said:
Nov 15 '14, 12:00PM

Great horned owl:
If you were a raptor, you would be a great horned owl! Solid and stoic, great horned owl let's nothing stand in their way. They can live in almost any inviroment, and are fearless hunters. Sand they're always angry. Always. :)

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