Which philosopher are you?

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Jun 19 '16, 1:55AM

I got some philosopher named Adolp Hitler or something like that.
It just said that he was a great philosopher with mighty ideals or something.
JK watch me on Cheaters weekdays @10 and sunday@4.
love u 2. LOL WTH

JSMillie said:
Sep 22 '15, 7:26PM

77% Aristotle. I liked how some of the options were schools of thought rather than individual thinkers. I *was* a teeny bit annoyed at the purpose-of-life question where you had deontology and virtue ethics represented but not consequentialism. Other than that, though, love the quiz!

ADU said:
Aug 2 '15, 8:36PM

Sartre/Camus 92%

DreamOfNight said:
Jun 27 '15, 2:03PM

85% Aristotle! woah!
and my god! these people poluted your awesome quiz with stupid messages! O.O

sprk said:
May 10 '15, 7:01AM

Kass0410 said:
Apr 27 '15, 10:20PM

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DejaVuDoc said:
Dec 19 '14, 9:41AM

Sartre/Camus (late existentialists) 84%

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