Which Percy Jackson Character Are You??

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Potterhead7 said:
Dec 13 '15, 2:13PM

Which Percy Jackson Character Are You??
Your Result: Annabeth Chase

You are Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena goddess of wisdom. You are very intelligent,and you always have a plan. You love to read, but you hate spiders and they hate you too!

53%Percy Jackson


0%Grover Underwood

0%Nico di Angelo

i gots swag said:
Jun 7 '15, 8:42AM

i got percy jackson. i was kinda hopin' that leo valdez would be on here..... hes my fav!!:)

Zoe Nightshade said:
Dec 20 '14, 12:55PM

I'm a daughter of Zeus. Jason and Thalia would be great siblings. They are my siblings, but I'm leaving for Camp Half-Blood on the summer solstice. So I've never met them. Anyway, I got Thalia, which makes since because she is my sister. Jason is 6 years, and Thalia is 5 (well it would be more if she wasn't a tree or a hunter of Artemis) years older than me. Figure the math. So Thalia Rules! And wish me luck on the journey to Camp Half- Blood!!

lisha535 said:
Aug 7 '14, 12:04PM

I got Annabeth, which makes sense cuz im a total nerd! lol haha, I was very close to getting Nico though, he is my favourite character.

thetridentgirl said:
Jul 7 '14, 8:57AM

#12 was the most challenging question of my life. Luke, Luke, or Luke. idk

thetridentgirl said:
Jul 7 '14, 8:54AM

i got Percy 80%

You are Percy Jackson, son of the sea god Poseidon. You are very brave and sometimes jump into things without thinking them through. You would sacrifice the world to save your friends. You can breathe underwater and when at sea you have perfect bearings.

42%Annabeth Chase


0%Grover Underwood

0%Nico di Angelo

Ravenclaw Pride said:
Aug 1 '13, 1:40AM

#12 was the hardest decision I'll ever make in my life.

Elaine Evans said:
Jul 24 '13, 10:45PM

My Result: Annabeth Chase by 84%

You are Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena: Goddess of Wisdom. You are very intelligent,and you always have a plan. You love to read, but you hate spiders and they hate you too!

Percy Jackson by 61%
Grover Underwood by 20%
Thalia by 4%
Nico di Angelo by 0%

I can never tell if I could be a demigod or not, and if so, I don't know if I would be Poseidon's or Athena's daughter... and strange things have been happening this summer after I turned 15... IF I was a demigod, and I hear whispering like all the time but can't make out the words, and I don't see anyone around me, do you think I'm hearing monsters, or something? Also, is it weird if I started seeing more bugs than usual in my apartment, and I would always see them coming towards me before I kill them? I always feel like I'm being watched... and I went outside, today, for a moment just to get some fresh air and this boy walked by me and he was staring at me with big cold brownish-black eyes... It was so creepy, it was like he was staring into my soul trying to kill me from the inside-out or something, what a creep... I'm serious, I think both of his eyeballs were almost pure black... Scary... :/
I swear, I have the worst luck... :/

Morgan3929 said:
Jun 30 '13, 11:05AM


Aurora said:
Oct 28 '12, 9:07PM

I love how all the options for your last question was Luke.
That was funny lol :)

HalleysComet said:
Jun 4 '12, 6:22PM

Zeus is spelled like that, not Zues. But otherwise, great quiz! Got Thalia, my favorite character! Overall, well done!

darkpanther said:
May 17 '12, 4:47PM

thalia. check out my quiz, what insect are you?

Pedantic17 said:
May 8 '12, 5:59AM

Annabeth. Awesome! :)

Cherryflower said:
Mar 12 '12, 3:03AM

ok I'll admit im a total Anabeth,but also there is a character that you should have included if you had Nico.Theres Beyonca De Angelo,Nico's sis if you dont remember,Zo Nightshade,Artimis' head hunter,and let us not forget Rachel Elizabeth Dare.I mean its almost as if you didnt read the last 3 books.

mythgirl61 said:
Feb 29 '12, 7:16PM

Annebeth!!! Yipee!

howrsegirl1 said:
Jan 9 '12, 9:19PM

I got Percy! YAY! I love Percy. He rocks!

abby98 said:
Dec 4 '11, 2:16PM

I got percy! I could really Be described as percy's female equivalent!

Death15 said:
Oct 10 '11, 10:15PM

Woot got nico always had a thing for death of people. LETS GO ALL THE WAY WITH DEATH!!!!

thaliaisawesome said:
Sep 10 '11, 4:15PM

got percy AGAIN!!! im a girl (lol) but otherwise i guess im like him... and even tho luke was kind of a hero in the end he's still an idiot thats y i loved that question :P

AiFiahK3mE said:
Jul 26 '11, 4:19PM

I'm Nico, good, was hoping to be a child of Hades, mwahahahah!!! >:-D
And why the heck do I have to choose only Luke as enemy? It could be Cronos or someone of the gods... Luke is not evil. He was just kinda brain-washed or something... I like him :3

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