Which Organization Member Are You?

Organizatin XIII has many members with excellent qualities. Some are fun, some are angry, some are smart, some are sneaky. This test matches questions like personality and interests with the best Organization member who matches you.

Ever wonder which Organization XIII member you are? Simply take this quiz to find out! It will only take a few moments, and I'm sure you will be pleased with your results. =)

Created by: oobi
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How would you describe your usual mood?
Perky, fun, bubbly
Flirty, talkative, cool
Angry, easily annoyed, somewhat quiet
Sneaky, sometimes sad, calm
Funny, serious when needed, edgy
Very quiet, mysterious to others, cool
4. What's your favorite color and why?
Red. It really stands out and it burns with curiousity.
Grey. It's dull, and it begs for people to leave it be.
Black. It suits my cool, edgy attitude.
Blue. It's bright and it dances. Kinda like me!
Pink. It's just so darn cute!
Purple. It's the color of my eyes!
5. What animal can you most relate to and why?
A cat. I'm playful, sassy, and I rub against people.
A dog. I'm somewhat hyper, I'm fun, and everyone loves me.
A tiger. Strong, beautiful, always longing to be free...
An owl. I may not be all that pretty, but I sure am smart.
A wolf. I'm the odd one who prefers solitude and anger.
An eagle. Admired by all! I'd be so cool.
6. Would you rather:
Dance around, laugh, and smile
Sit alone, glaring at people who pass by you.
Sit in a dark room and think about depression
Be out prancing around guys like a circling shark.
Picking flowers and sighing happily.
Throwing darts
7. Do you get along with the other members?
Of course! Everyone loves me.
I've been there so long, I don't need friends to get what I want!
Friends don't interest me. I can always manipulate them later, though.
No. They all have something against me for some reason!
I try not to get too close to people incase they're plotting against me.
8. How would you die?
Calmly and cooly, accepting fate.
A bit angry, leaving my peers questioning everything.
I'd realize my past mistakes and regret them.
I'd scream and cry, of course! Who'd want to die?
I'd be in pure shock. I'd have to keep telling myself it's real.
I don't know...I don't think of my own death!
9. What's your favorite food?
I like ice cream. I enjoy frozen treats.
Something hot and spicy.
I don't eat. I need to control my figure. :sigh:
I'll eat a salad if I'm with a guy.
Why does it matter to YOU?
I prefer a nice, cold drink!
10. What would you rather play?
Scrabble. It's a game where you actually have to think.
A game? Please. I'm too smart for any game.
I like operation! I like making the BZZT noise! Haha!
I guess I like...checkers...sure...Hey, the pieces are red and black!
I love cards.
I like pirate games! I look like one!!!
11. If you weren't wearing a black cloak, what would you wear?
A cute pink tank top with a flower on it! And some short shorts!
A cute mini skirt and a baby tee
A surf suit cause I'd be surfing aaaall day!
I prefer my cloak. Thanks.
I'd wear some loose fitting so I could dance all day!
Something black or grey. Dark. Very dark.
12. What's your perfect dog breed?
Something part wolf. They like the moon...I can relate.
Something cute and small, like a chihuahua!
An adorable terrier breed.
A Jack Russel cause they're hyper. Kinda like me
I hate dogs.
A Shephard. They're noble, strong, handsome.
14. What's your worst habit?
Using slang
Not letting anyone in
Being mean and rude
Being so dang ugly!
Being too playful
Letting my friends go

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