which Office character are you?

The Office just finished it's 4'th season and it was great so I have made a quiz to find out which Office character you might be. Just answer the questions truthfully and you will find out who you are at the end!

All of the questions answers are rated as you answer them and the highest score per category ends up showing you which of the off characters you are. It is fun so take the quiz and find out.

Created by: Danny
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your best friend wants to hang out with some new friends that they recently met, but you had plans with them first. How do you react?
Was I not good enough?
True friends never stand you up.
You will just make new better friends than his/her new friends.
You call him/her up and ask if you can just tag along.
No big deal you have other friends you could spend the evening with.
I don't care I would rather watch T.V. anyways.
4. You think that someone close to you might have stole some money from you dresser drawer. how do you react?
You are sure you had to have lost it.
They probably needed it more than you
Maybe they will put it back later
You watch them closely and lose most trust in them
They must have a drug or alcohol addiction.
It's a full on investigation, stealing might as well be killing.
5. You got $500 bonus at work. How do you spend it?
You don't. You put it straight into savings.
You are probably pretty broke so you better buy some groceries.
You have had your eye on this really nicel iving room setup at Ikea.
Its about time to get some new clothes.
You donate the money to a charity and make sure everyone knows you did.
You buy stocks and quadruple the money then start making plans to open a small buisness.
6. A friend you don't know very well invites you to their birthday party. You probably won't know anyone there. What do you tell them?
You really don't feel like being the odd one out so you kindly decline.
You don't want to go so you make up a story.
Will there be free alcohol? If so you are there
You don't really have any good reasons why you should't so you rsvp
You saw this really awesome gift at the mall that you have been dying to buy someone.
Party? you are there. You will be the life of it.
7. You have the day off today. How do you spend it?
A nice day for picnic you say.
It is too hot outside, plus you need to catch up on daytime television.
You are going to shop all day long.
You never take days off so you have no Idea what you are going to do.
Probably sit on facebook and myspace all day.
You are going to get in the car and just drive as far away as you can for the day.
8. You are out with your friends, whats your drink of choice?
Only good beer
A margarita sounds nice.
Shots all night long!
Anything with maraschino cherries.
You'll just have a water.
9. You see one of your ex's on the side of the road and it looks like they are having car trouble. However the relationship ended badly what do you do?
Slow down, honk so they see you, bolt away and laugh.
Speed up they are crazy.
Keep driving they had AAA.
It may be ackward but they need the help.
Pull over without even thinking about it, your not mean.
This is your chance to get your freak on again.
10. You think you are coming down with a pretty bad cold but you have to go to work. What do you do.
Suck it up and go to work.
Take a lot of meds and just get through the day.
Go to work but try to get off early at every chance you get.
Call in. I want a day off anyways.
Just stay in bed, why even call they don't miss you.
Go to work miserable and let everyone know how sick you are.
11. Your apartment is kinda lonely. You decide to get a pet what will it be?
A cat
A small dog
A huge dog
Fish, easy and painless
Any bird that can talk
Anything that will not try to overtake your dominance in the apartment.
12. Who is the hottest girl on the office?
13. Who is the hottest guy on the office?

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