Which New Tricks character are you?

Which one of the brilliantly eccentric quartet are you? They get into the most bizarre, curious and demanding cases known to mankind, whether it be about ice cream, breweries, mummified dogs, each other’s pasts, ‘Secret Squirrels’ or students on a vendetta, and the y always manage to laugh about it over a beer, a bottle of wine or a glass of orange juice afterwards - but which one of the fantastically eccentric quartet are you? The leader with the strong head, cool mind and career focus, the crazy genius with terminal social awkwardness, the womaniser with a loving heart or the quiet, caring, wickedly funny one in the corner? Regardless, there’s a place at UCOS for all of you - now, there’s just time to find out where’d you fit in before the next recruitment drive…

I created this quiz purely because I adore this show; you could stick the characters in any situation and they’re played with such passion and genius that it’d still be amazing. Personally, I’d end up being Gerry - I’m just too damn flirtatious, and I smoke too much. =\

Created by: Holly
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3. Someone's not giving you the information you want - what's a person to do?
Get the resident technical genius to hack into later - Strickland will only bloody moan otherwise...
Seduce them for it - or get Sandra to do if it's a bloke, because some things just aren't worth the end result.
Pretend you've gotten lost in a brewery - hey, you can act alcoholic.
Get someone to distract everyone whilst you methodically work out the functions of the database/steal the book - your wife would be disappointed, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?
4. You're going undercover, but you need someone to go with - who do you pick?
Brian for his ingenuity, and hope to god you don't end sitting in the back row of the cinema...
Jack - sociable and smart. Perfection.
Well, they'd be posing as a date, so... yeah, better go solo and say I'm single.
Stupid bleedin' question - Sandra.
5. Being in UCOS has its advantages - but right now, you're so shattered you can't think of any. Time for a takeaway - what do you pick?
McDonalds - not that you'd eat any of it, but merely put everyone off theirs by stating the content of whale fat in the milkshakes. Ignorance might be bliss, but where's the challenge in being ignorant?
Indian - the hotter and more exotic the better, and that's only considering the bloke at the counter...
Burger King - REAL men eat proper beef, not those bloody god-awful McDonalds burgers...
Wherever the rest of them are taking me - I'm not overly bothered. I'd rather go through the wife's recipe book.
6. Someone's being very cryptic about their involvement in an eighties murder - what do you do about it?
Drag in an old mate to catch them in the act, pretend to shoot their solicitor, smack them if Sandra's off sick... pretty much anything goes with smug bastards.
Start off calm and methodical but quickly lose your cool - you need to understand this.
Flirt, even if only mildly - usually loosens up tongues. Or, failing that, be unerringly confident - men hate a clever woman.
Confuse them with a complex blend of hyperbole, reverse psychology and jargon - they'll admit to bloody anything to get out of the room.
7. What's your favourite song to finish a stressful day with?
Something by the Spice Girls - sometimes it's good to feel like you're fourteen again, even if it is only for five minutes.
Something heavy, rocky, with a distinctive edge of creative genius... Bad Faith, perhaps.
*rifles through admittedly limited CD collection* ABBA? Well, Gerry's taste in music IS questionable, but he did lend you it so you might as well have a go...
Bing Crosby - or maybe Mozart. You're getting far too old for people in purple thongs with a banana fetish.
8. How would you describe yourself in five words?
Nonplussed by men - especially Cockneys.
Self-analysis? I'm sure I read a book on that once... I'm alright, I suppose. Articulate, bit eccentric, good at sifting through private accounts...
Bit past-it, but lovely enough.
Serial womaniser with a heart.
9. What's your role in the team?
Deputy, the heart and soul, bit of comic relief - I multi-task so much I'm practically a woman, but one who could pull off that blue dress...
Technician - although I'm fairly adept at finding hidden clues and spouting out random but fascinating facts.
You're usually the one shagging the suspects - it does, on the odd occasion, unveil some useful information. Besides, I'm not 'creative' enough to much else...
Boss - problem? No? Excellent.
10. Have you got a lot of friends?
Bloody hundreds - they're like flies, these ex-coppers!
Yeah, I made some fantastic friends back in the day, and I've kept contact with nine or ten.
A good few, but only the office guys really - careers don't allow for companionship.
Colleagues who are friends, you mean? In which case - three. And I'd like to think that I'm my wife's best friend, because she's mine.
11. If you've got a problem, who in the team do you turn to?
Sandra, no hesitation - I trust her completely.
Jack - he seems to understand my woes the best.
Brian - who else is going to know the square root of four million, nine hundred and twenty-six thousand and sixty-four off the top of their head?
Gerry - he's quite a good bloke when he isn't being crude.
12. How long's your day on average?
However long the case takes, even if I have to work through it all night - might drive the wife nuts, but it'll drive ME nuts otherwise!
Depends if I go to the pub the night before...
Very long if Mary's feeling talkative.
You sort of lose track - it all turns into one massive jumble of white wine, suspects, paperwork, calming Strickland and trying not to throttle Gerry...

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