Which Naruto character are you?

Ever wanted to know who you are from Naruto? You can test it here! I made this quiz specifically so you could find out! I hope you all will enjoy this quiz!!! =) And don't blame me if you see anything wrong with my english spelling, please...

"Are YOU Neji, or Kiba, or Naruto, or Sasuke or maybe Kakashi? Until now you could only wonder which one you are. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! I hope you will enjoy the results you get.

Created by: Roxanne
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3. If you see your friends are fighting a ninja but they're going to lose, you...
Hurry to them and help them beating the ninja.
Do nothing, who cares. (me: You're.. cold......)
Help them because destiny said so. (me: Who cares about destiny, they're your friends!)
Yell and beat the ninja up!
think: "I have to protect them!" then you hurry to them and beat the ninja.
Easily beat the ninja and read your book.
4. You're walking to home, but a ninja appears in front of you and attacks you. You...
Say: "Get out of my way, dobe. Or else I must kill you." (me: Meanie -.-)
Say: "Destiny says me I must fight you." (me: You're such a weirdo)
Say: "AHAHAHAH! You picked the wrong one to fight with! I'll beat your ass up!"
Think: "Geez, when can I just read my book!?" then beat him up easily.
Think: "Gai-sensei! I'll beat him up and show him the true power of youth!" then beat him up.
Laugh and say: "You sure you want to fight me?"
5. You were nearby Konoha when you heard someone falling on the ground. You looked to who it was. It was Hinata, she was all covered in blood. How do you react?
Carry her to the hospital.
Just walk away, leaving Hinata alone. (me: STUPID JERK!! Nobody's leaving poor Hinata alone!)
Say: "HINATA, HOLD ON!" then hurry to the hospital with her on your back.
Say: "Destiny did this, didn't it?" (me: Stupid destiny-guy >_>)
Say: "I'll save your youth!" then carry her to the hospital.
Stop your book away and start to heal her wounds and think: "I wonder what happened..."
6. You saw your beloved one kissing with somebody else. What do you do/think/say?
Think: "Destiny brought them together. I won't bother with them." (me: DESTINY-GUY, AHH GO AWAY!!!)
Kill the guy who's kissing MY girl! (me: S-Scary...)
Think: "Why? Why doesn't she likes me? THIS ISN'T FAIR, GAI-SENSEI!" and then go cry for days.
Think: "Too bad... But she likes him, I won't bother them."
Think: "So she doesn't like me..." then you walk away silence, trying to be happy but inside of your heart you're crying.
My only beloved one is my book. (me: o_O)
7. You want to ask your love out. How are you going to do it?
I just wait until SHE ask me out.
I may love my book, but asking the book out.. That sounds crazy... (me: It doesn't sound crazy, it IS crazy)
When I wanted to ask her oud, I'm stuttering and blushing like crazy.
Talk to her and then say: "Desti-" (me: Just shut up with your destiny already!)
Say how youthful she is and then ask her out.
Write a note, give it to my dog. Then my dog goes to her an give her that note.
8. Let's say, you've asked her out but she said no because somebody else already did that. What do you do/think/say?
Say: "I knew it... Desti- (me: I'm getting tired of you, destiny-loser!)
Think: Damn it! Now she thinks I'm stupid! Say: "Oh okay... Well, have fun with him then..."
Think: "Who's that loser who dares to ask MY girl out!?" Say: "Who's the lucky boy who goes on a date with you?"
That means she did reat the note! YAY! (me: You didn't answer my question...) Oh well. Think: "Too bad. Better luck next time." Say: "Ok, see ya."
I DIDN'T ASK MY BOOK OUT!!! (me: Fine, fine, you didn't OKAY!?)
Think: "NOT YOUTHFUL!!!" Say: "Have a great youthful time with him then!"
9. If someone attacks your beloved one, what would you do?
Nobody dares to attack my book! (me: o_O)
Kill him. (me: Sooooo mean....)
Des- (me: *gives you a death glance*) I mean, the voices are telling me to save her.
Say: "It's totally NOT youthful to attack my beloved one!" then beat him up.
Get really angry at him then beat him up.
10. What would you do/think/say if your love kissed YOU?
Kiss her back, but more gentlier.
Blush like crazy but kisses back.
Dest- (me: ENOUGH! I'LL KILL YOU! *grabs a BIG knife and glares at you*
Kissing my book, what are you thinking!?
Pull her away then run away. (me: Weird...)
Pull her away then say: "You can't do this, you've already got someone, don't you?"
11. What will you do if one of your friends died?
I easily get over it to read my book! (me: Do you even care about your friend!?!?)
I would cry for a long time, I don't like it when one of my friends die...
I don't care about my friends. (me: THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS QUIZ!)
I would cry, but I will get over it yeah.
SO - NOT - YOUTHFUL!!! *cries* (me: Calm down o_O)
Destiny said so. You can't do anything against it. (me: I hate you, you even don't care about your friends but only about destiny :( )
12. When you wanted to go sleep, you found a note on your bed. It reads: "Dear ___, please meet me at the trainingsgrounds at midnight." Would you go or something?
I'll go and find out who it is.
Destiny says me I must go. (me: THERE THE DESTINY GUY IS AGAIN!!!)
I would definitely go, because I want to know who it is!
I won't go, because I want to read my book.
I'll go! It's S-O YOUTHFUL!!!
I'll go and take my dog with me, just for safety.

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