What Naruto character are you?

naruto is a cool anime show wich consists of many character and jutsus,i only have six characters on my quiz right now but there will be more coming. there maybe many people that have one person and then you might get another person and that could mean you are strong,skilled, childish or just plain lazy. choosing diffrent wepons and diffrent jutsu may change or alter you character. (if you want to watch naruto, tune into channel 25 at 8:00pm to see it)

are you a great naruto character of do you just suck. (warning this may contain stupid content so please o'please dont become reatarded lol just joking this quiz is awsome to me at least, well i hope you have a good time with my quiz because it will probably be my last and if you get rock lee you are ver extremly weak and sucky... itachi is the best character you may get but hes hard to get you have to pick all of the blood things... woops did i say that lol bye X)

Created by: brandon
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3. you see your first enemy and you wonder what to do.
Sit there and almost fall asleep wile your teemate kills the enemy
go in with you sword and kill them in one sweep
run out like a child and almost get killed
come out punching!
use a jutsu and kill thgem in a hit
stalk the enemy
4. you wake up to your friend at you face. you?
yell at them
fall back tp sleep
kill them
punch them in the face
turn around
get up and walk away
5. you are walking down the street and you see some stands. where do you go?
wepon stand
bed shop
ramen stand
clothes stand
fruit stand
all of the above
6. you are having a test its to hard. what do you do?
already done
i think about my love more
smart guy over there done
i dont know im confused
too smart
all of the above
7. you want to train harder. what do you train?
i should just sleep
im to strong already
8. you see a girl you like. what do you do?
im to scared
i dont care
i just want to play chess
whats up baby
i can use her as a target
9. you are about to die. what do you do?
sleep for the last time
fireball !
run in a circle
hes already dead
all of the above
10. whats your wepon of choice?
hands and feet
11. you hurt yourself, and you are told to go back and get better. what do you do?
say no and stay
run off
get all sad that you missed a mission
just forget that he said that and go on
sit down and wonder how tired you will be on your way back
all of the above
12. its rianing out when you are on a mission. what do you do?
play in a puddle :)
kick water at someones face
slip and fall
stand there
look at your teemates being stupid
kill your teemate for being silly

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