Which Mythological Creature are you?

There are many people out there with a sense that there may be another world among this dimension. Mythology and creativity is what inspired me to make this quiz. I hope that you enjoy this quiz and thanks for taking it!

Why not take this quiz to find the hidden creature within you! Every one of the "creatures have different personalities" well so does everyone! Maybe even some of the creatures have advice for you!

Created by: Dragoness
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What's your fave colour?
Black like night
Red like blood! Yum...
Green like scales...
Rainbow coloured like happiness
4. You see a purse on the ground. What would you do with it?
Take the money! Duh!
Who needs money when you've got all you want?
Why do i need it? I'll look like a hobo taking it off the street!
Take the money and then sell the purse!
5. You see someone bleeding to death on the street, but you also see the attacker running off. What do you do?
Fight off the attacker then leave the person. Help will come...
Kill the attacker then drain both of the bodies of blood!!!
Ignore em!
Help the person and ring the ambulance. When they come leave..
6. It's a full moon tonight. Does anything strange happen to you?
Nope nothing..
It's a secret...
7. Where would you normally hang out at midnight?
An abandoned old hotel
A forest...Obviously...
In a cave!
Playing in a casino...
I'm asleep in my house?
8. Your friend calls you at 2:00 am asking if they could borrow £100 what do you do?
Hang up!
I don't have friends...
Tell them you'll give them money as long as they are your personal slave!
Yell at them "What do you think you idiot!"
Pretend to listen then go to sleep again....
9. If you could have a pet what would it be?
Something rare and expensive...
A golden retriever!
A vampire bat (yes there is such a thing!)
A little dragonfly....he he he
Nothing, why should i bother looking after a pet...
10. Out of the Harry Potter movies/books, which one did you think was scariest?
I have no soul, I don't spend my valuable time reading!
Goblet of fire and the Chamber of Secrets!
I hate the first one, cuz at the end his face melts off!
None were scary....
Definently the last one...Talk about freaky...
11. Ok, close your eyes and count to 20 then open them again. Did you actually do that?
Yup! I've got nothing else to do...
Why would i?!?! That's the stupidest thing i've never done!
12. Can you imagine yourself evil and destructive?
Nope i'm innocent!!!
Yup that totally describes me!
13. What weather do you prefer?
Dark, lightening flashing and thunder booming! Awesome
Rainy and cool, it makes me think better!
Sunny so i can bask in the heat while counting my money!
When it's nice and snowy, SNOWBALL FIGHT!
I hate the weather anything will do
14. If you could control something what would it be?
Hypnotism! It would be so cool!
I could control when people die!
Shape-shifting for sneaking up and playing tricks on people!
I could tell the future!
15. Which words describe you?
None of the above
16. Finally what did you think of my quiz?
Zzz what?
It was random...
It was ok....
It was s***
The best quiz ever!

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