What Mythological Creature is Your Soul connected with

You may have felt, once in your life, that you shouldn't be here. Like perhaps you're something other than human. Well your not. So get over it. But you can still take this quiz anyway.

Are you taking it? Awesome. It's not very often that you get someone to take a quiz after a put down like that. I admire that. Not really, but hey what do you want from me. I'm just a kid.

Created by: Nacile
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3. You see a man/woman in a room that you find attractive. You
Walk up and give them a whole hearted hello
Walk up and tell them all about yourself. Never giving him/her a chance to talk
Ignore. You've seen their type before. Their not worth the pain
Walk over and ;earn all you can before cracking jokes and giving advice.
Watch from a distance. Their so beautiful...
4. When they get up and leave, you notice that they left a messenger bag on their seat. You...
Grab the bag and run them down, then make a cute remark about it.
Make sure that no one is looking and walk off with the bag. Hey it's their fault for leaving it.
Think about returning it but then just have someone else do it for you. You don't want to get involved.
Pick the bag up with great care, and return it. You give them reassurance that no one stole from it.
Pick it up and follow them to their inn. Wait till their asleep and set in on the balcony out side their room.
5. The person from the night before confronts you the very next day. He asks you for your name. You say
nothing, he/she doesn't even know who you are
Politely give your name. Then ask more questions about them. You want them to feel like they are the one who matters.
Growl someone elses name and then walk off.
Smile as you tell him/her your name, and then ask them to call you by your nickname
are surprised, how did they know it was you? I'll kill that stupid messenger.
6. You are now on your way to a new city. But on the path a group of bandits corners you. You...
Change into a monster, scare them away, and move on
tell them that you will do something to help them out with their lives instead
beat the ever lovin' s--- out of them
use magic to confuse them and run away while they run into the walls
tell them to leave you alone.
7. Well you survived that expireience and now you have to find a safe place in the forest to stay for the night. What do you choose?
The hollows underneath a trees roots.
a cave
clearing in the forest
you don't stay anywhere. You just walk and explore the forest
a hill top and watch the stars
8. It's morning. What is the first thing you do.
Kill a nearby farmer's livestock for some breakfast
bathe in a nearby spring. Singing while you swim
pack up and leave
singas you share your breakfast with a baby racoon
take a look around, and reluctantly leave the place you have grown fond of.
9. You reach a new town. A woman comes to you crying. You...
ask her what happened
disappear into the shadows, but watch over her
push her away and kick dirt in her face
buy her some tea and try to calm her down
keep your eyes forward and keep on walking.
10. She says that her child is missing and the child is only 3 years old. You...
Begin a thorough search and reassure the woman the whole time
are looking for the child even though the mother doesn't know it
open your cloak to reveal the child clinging tightly to your leg and say "So, this is YOURS?!"
run around town yelling at the top of your lungs "Here Kiddie Kiddie Kiddie" until you finally find it
tell the woman that the kid is probably already dead, then leave her in tears
11. You see a man in the street. He's sick and poor and might not live through this cold snowy night. You...
kick him and steal what ever is in his possesion and leave him to die
light a fire and make him food. You give him all he needs to last through the night
You try your best with what little you have. Then stay by his side all night. Maybe playing him some music on your flute
watch over him through the night. When he's asleep you put a blnket over him and light a fire
give him money for food, shelter, and a doctor. Then you leave him to do his own thing.
12. When you slept that night, what did you dream of?
A strange light in the sky.
A great war.
An irresistable and calming wind.
An enormous oak tree in a lush forest.
A man/woman whose face you were not able to see.

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