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  • i'm a mermaid! :3

    AngelWings32 Aug 1 '14, 1:35AM
  • The Kraken is a giant sea monster that looks like a large octopus. They will attack ships if men are fishing in their territory. As a kraken, you are a dangerous creature of the deep blue sea!

    Woohoo I get to bring destruction to all.

    Deep space Jul 18 '14, 3:26AM
  • 76% loch ness
    64 % kraken
    64% mermaid
    I was hoping for kraken or mermaid

    meowmeowm Oct 29 '13, 1:08PM
  • 86% Loch Ness Monster
    76% Mermaid
    46% Selkie
    31% Kraken

    wolvesrule65318 Jul 9 '13, 8:39PM
  • Selkie :) cool

    daughterofwolves Mar 23 '13, 6:41PM
  • Ooh, I'm a mermaid (with a lot of points in the Selkie category as well). I love the description, by the way. Very nice quiz, 10 stars.

    Kepler Aug 18 '12, 12:20AM
  • I am the Loch Ness monster!!! :)

    fatii96 Aug 15 '12, 3:04PM

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