Which Middle-Earth Race do you Most Resemble?

This quiz will tell you which race of Middle-Earth (Arda, the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien) you resemble the most - both physically and personality wise. I have tried to make this as accurate as possible.

Of course there are very few people who fit perfectly into one race or another, so you very well may be an even mix of two or more. However, this quiz will hopefully tell you which you would fit into the best. Remember-the harder you think and the more honest you are, the more accurate the results will be. I will not tell you beforehand which races there are listed, so it will not bias your answers. Have fun!

Created by: I am Cow
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. First off, why do you like Lord of the Rings?
It is inspiring and exciting.
Because it is a beautiful tale of friendship and sorrow!
I didn't want to...someone made me read it.
I like a long, beautiful book that tells a long, beautiful tale.
It's a jolly good story!
I haven't read/seen it!
4. At a party, you are most likely to be found
Complimenting your host on his/her attention to detail
Eating and drinking
I wouldn't be found at a party
Keeping to yourself
5. Which colors do you feel represent yourself the most?
Blue, Green, Gold, White, Silver, Grey
Brown, Red, Green, Black, Gold
Brown, Black, Grey, Red
Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown
6. What do you tend to fear (1)?
Being trapped in a dark, tight place
Being attacked by a wild animal
Being lost
Being starved to death
I don't fear anything!!!
I tend to fear everything...
7. What would you fear the most (2)?
A loss of all music, poetry, and history
The destruction of the environment
A loss of fun in the world
There is no such thing as the End of the World!
Being wiped out as a nation
8. Are you very trusting?
Very trusting
Somewhat trusting
Very suspicious
Somewhat suspicious
9. If these were the only jobs on earth, which set would you most likely go into?
Scientist, Environmentalist
Historian, Musician, Creative Writer
Politician, Lawyer
Manual laborer, Farmer
10. People may describe you as
Noble, Wise, Graceful, Mysterious
Hardworking, Ambitious, Noble, Brave
Fun, Happy, Naive
Strong, Proud, Hardworking
Wise, Slow, Careful, Sincere
11. Your sense of humor
Consists of inside jokes that not many understand
Is a bit lacking
Is well rounded...you are a funny person
Is average
A bit corny
12. You are generally
Good at cooking and things like that
13. When someone puts down your heritage or country, you
Get mildly annoyed
Wildly chop their head off!!!
Ignore them...they know not what they say.
14. Would you consider yourself
15. If you have found someone to be a very good and worthy friend, and they are in trouble, would you stand by them even if it may mean harm to yourself? ---be honest
Probably not...
16. If your country was in a great war, and you were drafted, you would
Try everything in your power to get out of it
Stay and perform your duty
Fight to the death to DEFEND YOUR PEOPLE!!!
17. How connected to nature are you?
It's nice to have around...
I don' t think I'd even notice if it was gone
I live and breath it!!!
I like it and all, but I'm no hippie.
18. How much do you value home?
It's nice to have a home base, but... I like to go places, too
I would much rather be traveling
I could stay at home for the rest of my life!
19. How in the know are you about world issues?
Fairly up to date
I know it all before it happens
Don't know, don't care
20. If you were one of these animals, which would you be? Think hard
21. Another country needs your country's help desperately, you
Think that it is your country's duty to help
Carefully weigh the pros and cons
Think that it is the other country's problem, and none of your business
Don't even know what's going on
Think your country should help if you feel the other country is a worthy people
22. Where would you rather take a trip?
Somewhere exhilarating and exotic, Africa maybe
Somewhere vast, with trees...
Somewhere with beautiful architecture and physical features
I would rather stay at home, thank you very much.
23. Which names do you prefer? (No bias- choose names you like because of the NAMES, not what people they are attached to.
Bob, John, Bill, Anne, Rose, April
William, Theodore, Martin, Charlotte, Nancy
Johnathan, Anthony, Christopher, Rosemarie, Claudette
Dan, Steve, Doug, David, Mike, Carl, Nan, Wilma, Barbra, Debra
Gregory, Charles, Liam, Robin, Willow, Sylvia
24. Are you easily corrupted/tempted with power?
25. What kind of work do you prefer?
Something tedious - slow but with steady results
Manual labor with grand results
Something that requires creativity and thinking
Something familiar that yields practical results
26. Can you stay on a single task?
Yes, I am very focused
I tend to get distracted easily
Only if it is interesting
27. Would people consider you lazy or hardworking?
Very hardworking
Very lazy
28. When encountering a problem, you
Tend to head into it without thinking
Take it slowly - think it through step by step
Avoid it like the plague
29. You value above all else
30. You see something bright flashing in a tall tree. You
Investigate, it could be something neat
Leave it alone, it could be dangerous
Leave it alone, it's none of your business
Leave it alone, it isn't yours
Investigate, it's your duty
Investigate.....it's so pretty!!!
31. You would prefer to take a stroll in
A living, dense forest!
A beautiful city with grand architecture
A lovely garden
32. People would most likely describe you as having a
Tall and noble bearing
Lithe and graceful bearing
Short and humorous bearing
Strong and sturdy bearing
Tall, strong and wise bearing

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