Which manic-pixie character are you?

I've been creating original characters for a long time - from calm, calculated villains to heroes, to wackjobs to eccentrics to plain janes.....find out which character of mine you most resemble!

Which original character are you? Who is your terrible altar ego? Villain, hero, urchin, conman, mercenary, pixie, academic, prostitute, viking - the list is endless. find out....if you have the stomach.

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What's your alignment?
you geek.
4. favourite film star of the following?
James Dean
Charlie Chaplin
Helena Bonham Carter
Christopher Lee
Nicholas Cage
Liv Tyler
5. What's the most important?
Taking what you get without complaining.
loyalty to your friends.
helping others.
getting as far as you can.
following your abilities
justice for yourself, and everyone.
6. fighting style?
impromptu, showy, manly and messy - think barfight cross chuck norris.
snazzy - matrixey moves, up and down walls, relying on speed and skill as much as force.
Ruthless. Don't care about cheap shots or lethal strokes, whatever gets them down fastest is best.
I don't like fighting at all.
Arcane - spells, summons, you name it.
subterfuge - poison, traps, tricks, all work best.
7. Sexuality?
Easy - really don't care what gender, shape, size.
Bicurious - never been there, but not exactly averse to the idea...
Straight - opposite sex for me, please.
asexual - not interested.
8. what's your view on love and relationships?
i don't understand them - i don't think i ever will.
It's too much of a weakness.
Who wouldn't want a relationship, the chance for security and happiness?
Screw romance, i'm in it for the sex.
Love BROKE ME!!! *tom waits*
I'm in love with love.
9. where do you sit in class?
up the front, with my hand permanently in the air.
off to the side - i can flirt without being seen, but still appear attentive.
Right up the back - my tie undone, my feet on the desk, and probably rolling a smoke in my lap.
by the window, so i've got something to stare out while i daydream
second from the front - i want to pay attention, but i don't want to look like that geek up the front.
Out in the corridor, on the bench - detention, AGAIN.
10. someone gives you an envelope to deliver. You....
open it, read the contents, then reseal it.
open it, read the contents, and blackmail the recipient.
draw genitalia all over the front
don't open it, but hold it up to the light to try and read it.
actually deliver it.
forget to deliver it.
11. choose a facial expression:
12. favourite colour?
13. no-body loves you....
...when you're down and out.
....you lucky bastard.
....because no-body GETS me.
.....because you're a smug git.
....they ADORE me.
...but it's ok.
14. are you messy?
chaotically so - stuff everywhere. i'm a hoarder.
don't lift that pile, unless you find something you're not expecting.
relatively tidy with what i have.
cluttered but organised.
obsessively neat. clean, clean, clean!
what's cleaning?
15. will you ever get married?
Yes, definitely.
I'd like to but it'd never work.
i'd like to, maybe, after i've lived some life.
ick. no. bachelordom for me.
16. favourite drink?
something fruity and multicoloured.
i don't care, as long as it crinkles paint.
red wine
coffee. in tubs.
17. pick a battlecry.
"Wotcha, Guv!"
"Ye tak' th' high rood, and i'll tak' yer wallet!"
"If you're going to flex that much useless machismo, i'd assume it's because you're compensating, hmm?"
18. what do you take out of a burning house?
My own behind.
photos and memories.
everyone else, first.
bare essentials for survival
the evidence
my books/treasured possessions

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