Which Made-up Naruto Character Are You?

This idea came to me, and it had been stuck in my head all evening! Beware, that the results are all female. Sorry guys! I’m not good at thinking up male characters. But I might give it a try once, so you boys can also enjoy a quiz like this one.

Which of my five made-up Naruto characters are you? From my opinion, they would be a good addition to the story. But I didn’t create Naruto, so it’s not my decision to make. :) Enjoy! Please rate and comment afterwards! I’d like to know who you got.

Created by: Skydragon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. RP: You are called to your Kage for a mission. You;
-Kage? What Kage?
-Wait for your Kage to tell you the mission, and you will from there out take any order your team leader gives.
-Patiently wait for your Kage to finish his or her story, and despite the disrespect that it might cause, you give your own suggestions to both Kage and team leader.
-Impatiently wait, and once the Kage dismisses you, you storm out. You’re ready to go!
4. RP: You are on your mission, and your team leader tells you to wait until he or she gives the signal for you to come out of hiding, and attack the enemy using Shuriken. Once hidden, you;
-Are impatient, and get annoyed since the time won’t go by.
-Wait patiently. No matter what happens, you wait for the signal. Unless there comes a huge flaw in the plan.
-Can’t seem to wait, and unexpectedly attack an enemy from behind.
5. RP: When on your mission, you are faced in battle. Your enemy has summoned a creature, and you decide its wise to also summon a being. You’re reaction;
-Who even thinks during a battle? I’ll just jump in there and fight.
-You summon up a griffin.
-You study the situation, and estimate if you should summon a water dragon or a phoenix.
-Without hesitation; bring forth the giant lizard! Oh yeah!
6. Original village would be;
7. Specialize in;
8. Your friend(s);
-Sasuke, Neji,
-Neji, Lee, mostly anyone further.
-Anyone good-looking and cool.
9. If some one would scold you, or say anything offending, what would you do?
-Scold them back, and threaten.
-Fight them
-Attack without warning.
-Laugh, and find the best come backs
-Ignore what they were saying.
10. If one of your friends/comrades were to be abducted, what would you do.
-Storm into the Kage’s room, and request that he or she immediately set up a rescue team that includes me.
-Send word to the Kage, while going of myself in pursuit.
-Warn the Kage, and go to him or her quickly, and plan out the best strategy.
-Go after and kill whomever dared to do this!
-Not hesitate a single moment, and immediately head out after them with maybe some help along.
11. The Chuunin exams are coming! You;
-Ask your Sensei if you can take part.
-Bug your Sensei until he or she will let you take part.
-Go if asked, and otherwise leave it.
-Go so I can go hurt some people or show of my skill!
-Go to test my power.
12. Would you like a guy from there to like you?
-I wouldn’t mind. Though it isn’t a must.
-Oh, heck yes!
-I’d play around with him, and use his liking for me to my advantage.
-Sure, not that I would even notice.
-Like me? We’d be together is even better!
13. In which of these would you be now?
14. You’d like your missions to be;
-With comrades
-To foreign places
-Full of action
-Something to learn from
15. After a long mission, you;
-Go home and sleep.
-Hang with friends
-Enjoy yourself and relax
-Thank back on it.
16. Would you like a famous ganjutzu? (Jutzu used through the eyes)
-Yes, it would be convenient.
-Maybe not too famous.
-No, it would give away my abilities.

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