Which literary heroine are you?

Cathy Earnshaw or Jane Eyre? Petrova or Posy? Scarlett or Melanie? Lace or Valley of the Dolls? We are all shaped by the books we read growing up - find out which literary heroine turned you into the woman (or man) you are today.

Inspired by Samantha Ellis' "How To Be A Heroine: Or, what I've learned from reading too much" this light-hearted quiz will help you discover which literary heroine YOU most resemble...

Created by: ruthw
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3. It is a wild blustery day. Do you:
Settle down by the fire with a good book
Sit by the window gazing at the storm-toss'd heavens, imagining yourself a wind-sprite riding the clouds
Stride out onto the moors to embrace nature's fierce glory
Send your best beau out with a pointless message to test his devotion
4. A boy says he would like to kiss you. Do you:
Break your slate over his head
Pretend to be shocked, but secretly congratulate yourself on another successful conquest - of course he does!
Decide whether you want to get engaged and proceed accordingly
Look around in alarm for a chaperone
Say, "are you sure you're not confusing me with my sister?"
Kiss him wildly and passionately
5. Your best dress is soiled with some unidentifiable brown substance. Do you:
Call a servant to deal with it
Not even notice
Lament your terrible carelessness
6. It is the middle of the night. You hear strange thumping noises in the attic. Do you:
Assume it's that serving woman again. She really does have a drinking problem, doesn't she?
Clasp your hands in terror that the ghost of the old yew tree has come to commune with you in spirit!
Get out of bed with a good heavy torch. It might be a burglar!
Roll over and go back to sleep - someone else can deal with it
Decide it's probably just a branch - you're far too sensible to worry
7. Your family sinks into dire poverty. Do you:
Marry a man you despise to save your fortunes
Resist your family's pressure to marry a man you despise to save your fortunes
Sell your hair
Sell your coral necklace
Embrace penury! As long as you have the wind and the trees, you can never be poor
Go and get a job
8. Your career of choice is:
A teacher
A governess
A kept woman
The mistress of a country house
A pilot. Or failing that, a mechanic
A writer
9. Your best friend is:
Your bosom companion
Your sister(s)
Your spanner
Your curling tongs
10. Reader, I:
Married him
Will never be hungry again
Hope to get my pilot's licence next year
Love the scent of white narcissi!
May have mis-judged him
Have terrible taste in men
11. For breakfast I had:
Baked yams
12. Is is a truth universally acknowledged that:
A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife
You cannot wear pink with red hair
One-third of a child's earnings must go into the post office
I am the prettiest girl in six counties
A good man is hard to find
I am Heathcliffe

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