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The Bible is filled with extraordinary women of all backgrounds and eras. The women I have listed in this quiz are common heroines of the Bible, but they all show characteristics that we can relate to.

Take this quiz to find out what you have in common with great women of the past. With just a few questions, you can determine what Bible heroine you would most likely have been had you lived in the Old or New Testaments.

Created by: Cate Palantir
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2. What is your gender?
3. If someone you care about asked you to cover for their lie, what would you say?
"Of course!"
"Wait, is this a big lie or a small lie?"
"Only if it's for a good cause."
"Absolutely not!"
4. If someone you admire told you to do something that you didn't understand, what would you do?
Do it. They know better than I do.
Ask a dozen questions about it before making my decision.
I guess I'd do it, as long as it wasn't too weird.
No, I wouldn't do it.
5. If you saw someone big and scary breaking the law, what would you do?
Call the cops from two blocks away, then wait to make sure they arrive.
Probably nothing.
Search for a weapon so you can take them down.
Calmly confront them, without showing any fear.
Scream and run far, far away.
6. If someone you respect asked you do them a favor that seemed impossible, what would you say?
"I guess so..."
"I will do whatever you ask."
"Why do you want me to do that?"
"That's impossible!"
"No. Go find someone else!"
7. If you were suddenly told to go to the nearest castle because the king wanted a new bride, what would you do?
Cry hysterically.
Shout for joy. How cool is it to go to the palace!
Mourn inwardly that you won't be with your family.
Smile and wonder if the king is cute.
Laugh and then ask if your friends can come too.
8. If God told you were going to have a baby right now, what would you say?
"Please...no!" Sobs, "That would ruin my life!"
"Uh...I'm not sure how that would work."
"That's rediculous and impossible!"
Blank look. "..."
9. If your mother-in-law was leaving you, and she told you to go back to your home, what would you say?
"Alright, sounds good to me."
"Never! I will go wherever you go."
"Whew...I finally get to get away from her!"
"I don't know what to do."
"I'll go with you as long as there are cute guys where you're going."
10. If your husband was leaving everything he'd ever done to try something new, what would you do?
Get mad and throw something.
Cry. He doesn't understand how attached I am.
Support him.
Be a little upset, but get over it eventually.
Tell him he can do whatever he wants, but it doesn't mean you have to like it.
11. What job would you choose?
A waitress.
A teacher.
A lawyer.
A farmer.
A model.
12. Choose one.
13. What color would you rather wear?
I like warm, neutral colors--like the outdoors.
I like bright colors--they make me feel alive.
I like anything shiny---silver and gold anyone?
I like cool colors--like the ocean and sky.
I don't know what colors I like.

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