Which Law and Order SVU character are you?

This quiz is very simple. If you take this quiz, you will find out which Law and Order SVU character you are. Be sure to answer all questions honestly, and have fun. Rate it also, and leave any comments that can be helpful.

Are You the firey detective Stabler, nurturing detective Benson, odd detective Munch, strict but loyal capten Cragen, or the tough but persistant ADA Novak?? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Kassidy
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Which word describes you most?
4. If someone abused your child in any way, what would be your most likely reaction?
Kill them , or beat them severely before thinking of the possible consequences.
cry, and check on your child's well being and call the police or investigate calmly.
Investigate while thinking of possible strange conspiracy theories of what may have happened.
Recuse yourself from the case, and check on your child.
Beat up the suspect and recuze yourself.
Press charges immediately and get them off the street.
5. If your child gets into trouble with the law, what would you do if you were a police officer or someone else in the field?
try to get your child out of trouble, while risking your job.
Make sure that your child gets special treatment, or that your partner arrests him or her.
Recuse yourself.
Get him or her the best lawyer you can find.
Try to convince the DA'S office not to press charges.
6. If a victim and suspect have conflicting accounts of a situation , who would you most likely believe?
the victim unless I see a reason not to.
Always the victim until it is proven other wise.
It would depend on all of the factors.
I am neutral and investigate both sides.
mainly the victim , but it depends on all of the factors.
I go with what is most legally presentable.
7. If you had a career in the legal field, what would it be?
I would be the lead detective in the special victims unit for 12 years, and then retire abruptly.
I would work in the special victims unit and stay their until I retire while working my way up the ranks to lt.
I would start out in Maryland, retire their, and then start over in SVU and retire again after 15 years.
I would start as a patrol cop then work the homicide precinct as the captain and then go to SVU before I retired after 15 years.
I would work in narcotics, and then go unwillingly to SVU, find that I enjoy it, become the sergeant, and stay until I retire.
I would get justice for victims by being a prosecutor.
8. Which would be your general interrogation style?
to coerce , shout at, beat , threaten or otherwise manipulate a suspect into confessing by all means necessary , especially regarding children, with no thought to the possible consequences.
Yell at the suspect while keeping your partner en line and the peace.
Only the legal way.
I just watch the interrogations.
I threaten and intimidate , but I am never violent , or let the suspects words bother me".
I would threaten them with a longer prison sentence.
9. How is your general relationship with your children?
I have 5 children, and I am very close with all of them.
I have 1 adopted child, and I love him her dearly.
I don't have any children, and I don't want any.
I wanted to adopt , but it didn't work out.
I have 1 child, but we are not very close.
I have no children.
10. The rest of these questions will not effect your score? Who is your favorite character?
11. This one does count. If IAB was investigating you , or your squad, what would you most likely do?
Defend yourself and your partner at all costs, and only say what you have to.
I would defend myself and my partner while being honest.
I follow all of the rules , so I am honest.
I am loyal to the squad and the detectives and I always take the heat.
I stay out of it, while defending the squad.
I am generally not involved with IAB, but if it is a legal problem, I defend the police.
12. Just for fun. How many seasons do you think we will have.
unlemited seasons

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