Which High School Stereotype Are You?

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Barney Stinson said:
May 26 '16, 12:55AM

Ghetto- Gangsta nope I think I am normal

Bastille said:
Aug 3 '15, 11:07AM

Loner, closely followed by emo ^^"

sports_2021 said:
Jun 28 '14, 1:14AM

i dont brag. gosh people

taliyah said:
Apr 11 '14, 4:03PM

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm normal!!!!

imdifferent said:
Jun 30 '13, 7:12PM

I gooot Prep/Jock/Rich-Popu lar Kid

iluvyou said:
May 27 '13, 8:28PM

I thought i would get skater, but i got emo... okay than

zerina said:
Jan 28 '13, 7:49PM

Skater,yup thats right

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