Which Heroes character are you?

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Heroesfan said:
Jan 4 '16, 8:43AM

I have Peter, he is sooo cute!!!!!!

madid said:
Jul 18 '12, 3:45PM

I got Peter. Milo and Zachary are really cute.

hathaway_runaway said:
Jul 15 '12, 3:30AM

Peter - so me XD

ChantelleChan said:
Apr 4 '11, 4:34AM

Hiro Nakamura.....Awesom e! I must tell my friend Ando! :)

Pretender said:
Mar 27 '11, 1:09AM

Matt Parkman. I can read other people's thoughts. Yay

Herwe123 said:
Nov 5 '10, 3:33AM

matt...well....he is cool sorta

lilshasha419 said:
May 25 '10, 3:29PM

Im no JERK and i think it would be awesome to fly totally wrong

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