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Formula 1 has many different personalities, which adds to the excitement and allows fans to relate to different drivers. Some are charismatic, extroverted, while others are not so great in front of cameras, and say little. Regardless, each share a common trait: racing.

Put yourself in the driving boots of a Formula 1 racing driver. Which driver are you? Are you one of the World Champions, like Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton? Perhaps your an underdog, like Nico Hulkenberg or Daniel Ricciardo. Take this test to find out! (Not meant to be taken seriously, just for fun.)

Created by: Benetton94
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How did you start out in racing?
I was given a kart when I was little.
My family has a rich history in racing, so I figured I'd follow suit.
My father was a World Champion.
My father was a rallycross driver.
I went to amateur race meets, like rallies, hillclimbs, and track days.
I crashed karts.
4. Did you pass your driver's license on your first go?
Yes, I did.
No, but I got it after failing once.
No, but I got it after failing more than once.
I crashed and killed the driving instructor, but I still managed to get my license.
5. It starts raining out on track. What do you do?
Pit for wets.
Go out on intermediate tires.
Stay on slicks.
Retire the car due to "mechanical failure"
6. What do you consider to be the most important Grand Prix and why?
British Grand Prix; where F1 started.
Italian Grand Prix; the Tifosi.
Belgian Grand Prix; Eau Rouge.
Australian Grand Prix; it's important to get off on the right foot.
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix; double points.
Every race is important.
7. How do you arrive at a Grand Prix circuit?
Yacht (even on land)
I drive myself there.
I crash my way there.
8. What is your beverage of choice?
Red Bull
Fruit Juice
9. Do you get along with your teammate?
He's just a colleague. Actually, we're all good, we're friends.
I have a teammate?
10. How would you describe your driving style?
Smooth, controlled.
On the limit.
Somewhat hectic.
I drive below the limit
11. Who was your racing idol?
Michael Schumacher
Ayrton Senna
Dale Earnhardt
Keke Rosberg
Andrea de Cesaris
James Hunt
12. Which of the following is your favorite team participating in the 2014 season?
Red Bull
Force India
13. What's your favorite historic F1 team?
1988 Marlboro McLaren-Honda
1954-55 Mercedes-Benz
1992-93 Canon Williams-Renault
2000-2004 Scuderia Ferrari
1960-1968 Team Lotus
1976 Marlboro McLaren-Ford
14. You win a Grand Prix. Who do you give credit to?
Myself, obviously. I won.
I thank the team, the mechanics, the fans, and everyone else for a great weekend.
I give credit where it's due.
Me? Win a Grand Prix? Nice joke.
Codemasters, for developing such a great game.
15. How do you prefer to overtake?
On a straightaway, without DRS.
On the inside.
On the outside.
On a straightaway, with DRS.
I don't overtake, I crash into them to gain the position.
16. A fan comes up to you for an autograph and/or a picture. What do you do?
Ignore them.
Sign their autograph/take picture with them.
Warmly sign the autograph AND take a selfie with them.
Call for security to escort the fan away.
What's a fan? I have fans?
17. Your car breaks down. What's your initial reaction?
Freak out, throw the steering wheel.
Apologize to the team.
Eh, what's new? I'm used to this happening.
It broke down probably because I crashed it.
18. What's your favorite motorsport, besides F1?
Motorcycle Racing (MotoGP, Superbike, IOMTT)
Sportscars/Endurance Racing (LM24, USCC, WEC)
Rally Racing (WRC, Pikes Peak, Dakar)
Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)
Touring Car Racing (Aussie V8 Supercars, WTTC, BTTC)
19. A lot of drivers say that their helmet has a special meaning to them. What meaning does it have to you?
It allows me to express myself.
It allows me to show off my sponsors.
It protects my head.
It allows me to pay tribute to my idols/home country.
It allows me to crash into others without getting a head injury.
20. Your rival is starting on pole, and you are starting along side him. What do you do?
I'm going to pull a page out of Senna's book and handle it the way he did.
Race him cleanly for the position throughout the race.
Wait until he pits.
Overtake him going into the first corner.
I don't think I'd ever start on the front row.
21. Do you know what you're doing?
What do you mean?
Yes, I think so.
No, I'm afraid not.
Yeah, I'm crashing.
22. You have to keep working all four tires please...
Yes Yes Yes I'm doing them all the time, you don't have to remind me.
23. You see the checkered flag. Where have you finished?
Podium finish, great!
In the points, not too bad.
Ugh, just barely outside the top 10.
I've been lapped.
I can't see the checkered flag from where I've crashed.
24. What's your favorite corner?
Parabolica, Monza
Maggots & Becketts, Silverstone
Eau Rouge, Spa-Francorchamps
130R, Suzuka
The Tunnel, Monaco
Wall of Champions, Montreal
25. What engine do you like running?
One that still runs after I crash.
26. How long have you been following F1 (as a fan)?
Not very long, I've just gotten into it recently.
A few seasons.
Since the glory days of V10s! (1990s-2005)
When turbos reigned victorious! (Late 1970s-1988)
Before things such as "downforce" and "safety" (1960s-1970s)
Since its inception. (1950s)
27. The stewards have issued you a penalty. What is it for?
How the %&#$ should I know? I didn't do anything!
Why did I get it? Obviously it wasn't my fault. It was someone else's.
Speeding in pit lane.
Unsafe pit release.
Wreaking chaos and committing mass murder on both drivers and spectators. Oh, they didn't even give me a penalty for that.
28. Press Conference Time! Did you like the quiz?
Yes, it was fantastic.
No, I'm going to complain about it to the stewards.
Meh, could have been better.
29. Another press question. How would you rate this quiz, out of 5 stars?
5, it was a fantastic quiz!
4, the quiz was good.
3, it wasn't bad.
2, it wasn't the best.
1, I didn't like it.
It was absolute #$%^
30. Will you share this on social media and to your friends? (Use #f1personalityquiz)
31. Last question for the time being, would you mind giving me a follow on Twitter? @Benetton94 ;) (SHOUT OUT TO -Fraser of the FB page, "Going on prime tyres in Q1 with Marussia because you're a fearless b------")
I wouldn't mind at all!
Yes, I do mind, it's a major inconvienance for me to simply follow you Twitter, now get out of my life.
I don't have a Twitter! :(

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