Which dude are you gonna fall in love with?

Okay so this is a quiz i made to see which dude are you gonna fall in love with.You have three dudes.Mike,Nate,and Jakeand maybe another option or not.You have to take the quiz to find out.Suspenceful huh?.So lets go find out which dude you belong with.

Okay so the tree dudes kidnapped you and told you that you had to choose one of them to date.There is Mike.Hes cute athletic and strong.There is Nate the cute nerdy dude.And then theres Jake the strong funny dude.So who are you gonna fall hard over?

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Mike wants to fight the other guys to prove that he loves you the most.What do you do or say?
Yeah go fight them.Prove it that you like me.
No don't hurt Jake's cute face!!
No you can't Nate is to breakable!
Yeah get them out of the way then i just have to deal with you.
4. Nate wants to get you a present so he asks you what do you want.What are you thinking?
Uhh!Why didn't Mike get me a present!?!
Aww thats so sweet of him.
Where the frick is jake right now!
Yay!I might as well get all of the presents out of him before i choose someone else...
5. Jake is gonna take you you on a date to a golf course.What are you thinking?
Cheepo!Mike would take me out on a real date!
Aww thats so sweet i guess.Not as sweet as Nate though.
Jake is so awsome.
He better be paying...
6. Nate is gonna make you some dessert.What do you tell him he should make?
"Brownies"Thats what Mike would make me.
"Aww you should me me cupcakes.Because they're sweet just like you"
"Cookies with a funny smiley face made out of frosting."Thats what Jake would make me.
"No thanks sweets are to fattening.You know you shouldn't eat them to much or your gonna fat.Opps to late."
7. Mike is gonna take you to a movie he lets you choose what type of movie are you gonna see?
Thriller!Men don't want to be seen in a chick-flick.
A kids movie.Then leave in the middle of it when hes not looking.Mwahaha!!!
A romantic movie.Thats what i would watch with Nate.
A comedy.Jake would like that.But im stuck with mike so what ever.
8. If you had to kiss one of these guys who would it be???
Mike.He is so hott!
Nate!He is so sweeeeeeeeeet.
Jake.Is so awsome.
A peck on the lips with anybody.Then go boil my lips.Blehh!
9. You see a rat and you scream!!Who do you think would come running first?
Nate.He cares about so much.
Who screams over a rat?Im not a sissy!
10. You cant sleep so who's bedroom do you go in to sleep with?
I watch tv because none of those losers could comfort me.
11. Mike says he wants to be a football player what do you say?
"You should so be one!"
"Uhh cool?...I like teachers better so..."
"Yeah me and Jake will watch your games."
"I hope you trip wile trying to catch a pass.Because you staring at a chearleaders @ss."
12. When your getting undressed Mike walks in what do you do or say?
Chuck a hairbrush at him."Get out you perv.Be like Jake and nock."
Tell him he just in time for the show.
Keep getting undressed this is the best thing he's gonna see.
"Man i wish you were Nate"
13. Who did you fall in love with??
14. *Bonus question*What do you do before you leave with your man?(You already packed.)
Go trash everybodies bedroom.And wright on their mirror with lipstick saying "Peace out losers!!!"

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