Which Disney princess do you look like most?

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PrincesM44 said:
Jun 2 '14, 9:44PM

how do u take the QUIZ.......it wont let ME!!!!!!!!!

Queen Elsa said:
Mar 3 '14, 6:57PM

I got Mulan, then Tiana, then Jasmine... How? I'm of European descent, my hair is light brown and I have brown eyes... If anything, I look the most like Belle.

Shadow spark said:
Jan 2 '14, 12:21AM

I got my favorite princess which is Mulan though I don't look a lot like her. But it is kind of an accurate quiz

deadline said:
Nov 26 '12, 10:39PM

Yes I got Belle! People tell me all the time that I look just like her.

PinkRoman11 said:
Jul 7 '12, 3:10PM

Yes,I got Princess Jasmine! I love Jasmine and people say I look like her. We have the same hair,eyes,shape,lip s and skin. I love this quiz!

IcyDesignns said:
Mar 14 '12, 2:10PM

Belle .. Great Quiz XD

FiveStarReader said:
Feb 26 '12, 2:56AM

Lol , I'm pretty sure I got Tiana because I'm black and from "African American decent" . I find that Highly funny because I am nothing like Tiana except for the eye color , skin color and maybe hair but my hair Is black but in the light it is brown with some red . . . But it's a pretty cool quiz . . . But I'm nothing like Tian except for the working hard part . . . I'm more like Mulan , The Non-Real princess . . . It's wierd how you realize that most of the princess weren't born into their stature they marry into it . . . Like Belle , Cinderella , Tiana , Mulan and a few more but Jasmine , Rapunzel , Sleeping Beauty , Ariel , Snow White were all natural born royality/princesses .

grand10 said:
Feb 11 '12, 12:17AM


AnonymousPromise said:
Feb 7 '12, 7:28PM

i got Cinderella... that's weird because I don't get complimented by someone telling me i look like a princess... i mean, i answered everything truthfully and I figured I'd get belle... The question about my eye color I said blue, but my eyes are gray and only turn blue in Winter, so yeah. i was even daring enough to ask my crush to stare into my eyes and tell me if my eyes are seriously gray and he said yes!! after staring into his eyes and pouring my soul into them, i- oh, sorry. i was giving out too much info wasn't i? sorry!! :/

Cas said:
Feb 4 '12, 9:30PM

Although people told me I look like Belle and I got Jasmine,I found it funny because my band teacher thinks Jasmine is hot... Hahaha!

ICONiac16 said:
Jan 31 '12, 11:52PM

I do look like jasmine lol

iknowiamgr8 said:
Jan 29 '12, 8:25AM

belle!! wow! but wait... i don't look like HER!!

Ronnie said:
Jan 26 '12, 9:02PM

wtf! i dont look anything like cinderella! i have brown hair, mixed eyes, and im from african decent! i answered truthfully too lol crazyness! =) but i didnt answer the eye colour one cause my eyes change and have ramdom speces and each is a different colour so yeah im wierd like that

Dolphin13 said:
Jan 26 '12, 8:12PM

i got Cinderella people always say i look like belle though but i love cinderella awesome quiz.

WitchedWillow said:
Jan 26 '12, 7:15PM


smartgirl115 said:
Jan 26 '12, 4:18PM

I got Tiana as my result. I knew I looked like her!

christj1 said:
Jan 26 '12, 12:49PM

Really????? Cinderella????? i have red hair im from italy and i have medium skin!!!!!! In fact i look like Ariel!! everyone says sooo!! btw why didnt you have red hair on that question???????????

mythgirl61 said:
Jan 25 '12, 9:35PM

I got belle. Awesome. She on my nightlight which is not saying I use it a nighlight.hum this just got awkward. ITS A READING LIGHT!!! WTF STOP PRESSURING ME.

PandaGirl said:
Jan 25 '12, 8:12AM

Nuce quiz, I got Cinderella. I rated ur quiz ten stars :). Check out my quiz series Love Story by PandaGirl

Firey_Soul said:
Jan 24 '12, 8:35PM

Princess Jasmine? I look NOTHING like her. I have really pale skin, dirty blonde hair, and green eyes. Does that sound anything like her? No. Good quiz anyway, I still rated it 10 stars.

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