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  • how do u take the QUIZ.......it wont let ME!!!!!!!!!

    PrincesM44 Jun 2 '14, 9:44PM
  • I got Mulan, then Tiana, then Jasmine... How? I'm of European descent, my hair is light brown and I have brown eyes... If anything, I look the most like Belle.

    Queen Elsa Mar 3 '14, 6:57PM
  • I got my favorite princess which is Mulan though I don't look a lot like her. But it is kind of an accurate quiz

    Shadow spark Jan 2 '14, 12:21AM
  • Yes I got Belle! People tell me all the time that I look just like her.

    deadline Nov 26 '12, 10:39PM
  • Yes,I got Princess Jasmine! I love Jasmine and people say I look like her. We have the same hair,eyes,shape,lip s and skin. I love this quiz!

    PinkRoman11 Jul 7 '12, 3:10PM
  • Belle .. Great Quiz XD

    IcyDesignns Mar 14 '12, 2:10PM
  • Lol , I'm pretty sure I got Tiana because I'm black and from "African American decent" . I find that Highly funny because I am nothing like Tiana except for the eye color , skin color and maybe hair but my hair Is black but in the light it is brown with some red . . . But it's a pretty cool quiz . . . But I'm nothing like Tian except for the working hard part . . . I'm more like Mulan , The Non-Real princess . . . It's wierd how you realize that most of the princess weren't born into their stature they marry into it . . . Like Belle , Cinderella , Tiana , Mulan and a few more but Jasmine , Rapunzel , Sleeping Beauty , Ariel , Snow White were all natural born royality/princesses .

    FiveStarReader Feb 26 '12, 2:56AM

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