Which Dictator Are You?

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Feb 10 '16, 2:23AM


dieter said:
Jul 12 '15, 7:56PM

I got Hitler. That is interesting, but in some ways pretty good answer if you think my nature.

But where are Stalin, Lenin and other important dictators? You forgot all of them.

Mehmeh said:
Dec 20 '14, 9:32PM


the1person said:
Jun 10 '14, 5:33AM

1) I got Mussolini. 2) why is shrub an option. 3) you forgot Hideki tojo, Kim Jong un, and the guy who renamed China after himself, China. 4) what about Lenin, Stalin, and the guy inbetween the two.

runningonclouds said:
Feb 16 '14, 12:00AM

I'm George Bush xD

Elliryanna said:
Feb 4 '14, 9:47PM

I got Mussolini, and it is perfect! My sister and I used to play a game, Hitler against George Bush. This was when we were about 4. Apparently in our minds G.B. was worse, so Hitler always won. I love that you put G.B. as a dictator.

Kepler said:
Dec 14 '12, 6:00PM

George Bush. Interesting.

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