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  • I got Near, that is really true. But some people by their type of speech tried to get their favorite character/ for most L.

    Pizzaorpie Nov 22 '14, 7:39PM
  • 84% Ryuk
    So, so true. XD
    In real life, that's me exactly.

    JTheGreat Aug 17 '14, 6:18PM
  • I got Light. Seems rather accurate.

    Androidburnor Jun 4 '14, 3:47AM
  • this is for CANDIVUE near aka N is one of L's succesors he is younger,has white hair,always play toys,and lastly hes face look similar to L

    blackskull Mar 9 '14, 5:02AM
  • im ryuk but the only thing i think that make me similar to ryuk is ILOVE APPLES anysay it's fun

    blackskull Mar 9 '14, 4:53AM
  • -dances around-
    YAYYY me gotz L-Chan!!!!
    I luvz him, mai panda-chan, uhuh!

    awesomecuziam Jun 7 '12, 6:01PM
  • Hmmmm.... This quiz is really acurate..... I got L.....

    L Lawliet Apr 9 '12, 8:51AM

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