Which Death Note Character Are You?

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Pizzaorpie said:
Nov 22 '14, 7:39PM

I got Near, that is really true. But some people by their type of speech tried to get their favorite character/ for most L.

JTheGreat said:
Aug 17 '14, 6:18PM

84% Ryuk
So, so true. XD
In real life, that's me exactly.

Androidburnor said:
Jun 4 '14, 3:47AM

I got Light. Seems rather accurate.

blackskull said:
Mar 9 '14, 5:02AM

this is for CANDIVUE near aka N is one of L's succesors he is younger,has white hair,always play toys,and lastly hes face look similar to L

blackskull said:
Mar 9 '14, 4:53AM

im ryuk but the only thing i think that make me similar to ryuk is ILOVE APPLES anysay it's fun

awesomecuziam said:
Jun 7 '12, 6:01PM

-dances around-
YAYYY me gotz L-Chan!!!!
I luvz him, mai panda-chan, uhuh!

L Lawliet said:
Apr 9 '12, 8:51AM

Hmmmm.... This quiz is really acurate..... I got L.....

Acra said:
Aug 5 '11, 12:33AM

Lol i got ryuk.

xanimeloverx said:
Jun 1 '11, 2:54PM

Yay I got L!!! @candivue near is L's successor, so u know
L, light, and Near are my favorites!

Zetsu Girl 13 said:
Apr 11 '10, 6:37PM

Cool, I'm Rem~ Yeah! X3 I'm a Shinigami!!! Yayz. But, I really don't see what the point of question 10 was. For one, Rem is /not/ a lesbian. Yes, she says she /loves/ Misa, but she is not /in/ love with her. Now, if that question was directed at Light Yagami, I can completely understand that XD Yagami=Imagay =P Either way, nice quiz~ I liked it.

candivue said:
Apr 7 '10, 4:51AM

who is Near??? i keep getting that name, but once got L...so cute

xXblackandwhitephotoXx said:
Oct 11 '08, 12:20AM

meh... pretty good X3

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