Which dbsk member are you?

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EmoVampire271 said:
Jun 27 '13, 12:37AM

YEAHHHH ^^ I got Xiah Junsu

JaeChangYuYooJun said:
Dec 4 '11, 7:22PM

Max Changmin!! :D Haha, I expected that one, actually. xD My friends often compare me to my Minnie~

913_aNg3l said:
Jan 28 '11, 9:00AM

Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Xiah Junsu
Xiah Junsu? Well, let's see... You have a cute and adorable aura around you that people cant resist. You love cracking jokes and puns on the scene when there is obvious tension in the room. Cheering up is your specialty. You hate it when friends are fighting and tend to cry if they do. You would love to have a positive outlook on the world, because you are somewhat negative. You may seem like you're perfect but your not, just close. And just like junsu, you excell in schoolwork! YOU'RE A XIAH JUNSU!!!

I got JUNSU!! I'm soo happy! lol, He's my all time favorite out of DBSK, but Joongie has been drawing my attention lately... but I'll go back to my Junnie Su! >O< YES! Happy with my results!!

Vernise said:
Aug 30 '10, 5:53AM

to @Kim_Jaejoong,
lol .. i got Jaejoong.. i wanted Changmin! xD can i exchange with you? hahaha..

Kim_Jaejoong said:
Aug 10 '10, 8:23AM

Your Result: Max Changmin

Max Changmin? Well, lets see... You're shy when meeting new people and you're a genius. But just because you're shy, doesnt mean you can't be mischevious. In your kinds of relationships, you take it seriously but have fun at the same time. You like to have fun a lot and tend to follow what the older people around you do. You're slim as well, but have a big appetite. In fact, you have such a big appetite you eat at the night almost everyday. Other languages facsinate you except the one you speak fluently. You also have manners too. Either way, you're a Max Changmin!! YAY!
U-know Yuhno

Hero JaeJoong

Xiah Junsu

Micky Yoochun

It seems I got Changmin (-.-') I wanted JaeJoong:X he's my favourite DBSK member...It's pretty easy to get JJ though..oh well(o^___^o) I hope they will get back together soon!

~~~~~~DBSK 4EVER!!!~~~~~~


YaymexD_hero said:
Apr 23 '10, 4:38AM

Huh yay Im like jaejoong I knew it I knew it,
and I love him sooo much XD
I like to you cook and clean at times.
yay go jae.

YaymexD_hero said:
Apr 23 '10, 4:35AM

Huh yay Im like jaejoong I knew it I knew it,
and I love him sooo much XD
I like to you know cook and clean, haha
go jae! love you....

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