Which CSI:NY character are you?

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TheCityBoy said:
Mar 9 '14, 10:36AM

I got Danny Messer. 98%.. Pretty close haha, well I'm not from the US, but otherwise I'm just like him! And I have the biggest crush on Lindsay.. But I'm only almost 15.

monsterjoker said:
Jul 14 '11, 5:29AM

ive got mac

Rita said:
Feb 9 '10, 11:43AM

Lindsay,I think I'm quite like her

Ebillan said:
Dec 31 '09, 11:29AM

Awesome. I got Lindsay

Numb3rsFan007 said:
Jul 7 '09, 1:02PM

Very good quiz. I got Don Flack. Although I'm not a guy, I would like to be him....

folcon2012 said:
Mar 11 '09, 11:37AM

that was actually pretty accurate

Mega_crazy said:
Mar 8 '09, 1:12PM

Ehh its ok and i say nothing more on the matter

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