Which Corrie star are you?

There are many fabulous and classic characters in Corrie: Fred Elliot, Vera Duckworth, Gail Platt. But who are you? Are you sexy stylist, Maria Sutherland? Toxic Tracy, Demon David? This test will enable you to find out exactly which Coronation Street character are you.

Who do YOU resemble from soap, Coronation Street? Are you the person sat at a sewing machine or the person running the company? Are you the person pulling pints or the person gulping them down? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Sophie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You're writing a book. It's...
A nice story... though your not a great writer.
A horror.
Lots of different stories that make you happy
You've tried your best and managed to scrape together a fairytale.
A book on your life.
4. Most of your stress comes from...
Not getting where you deserve in life.
5. You're last relationship ended because...
We drifted apart.
One of us had an affair.
He/she just wasn't interested.
He/she was using me.
I am widowed.
He/she couldn't cope with me.
6. Which would make you most angry...
Your children going completely off the rails.
Your partner having an affair/using me.
Not getting my own way.
Having to work overtime.
Your mother not caring what you have to say.
My family/friends not respecting me.
7. Generally, you are a happy person...
8. People close to you say your best quality is...
Your determination
Your quick wit
Your courage
Your trust in people
Your big heart
Your talent
9. Your dreams usually consist of...
People that have hurt you in the past
Money and a happy life
Lots of different things
Everyday things you've seen the day before
I dont have/remember dreams
10. The worst thing that happened to you...
Appeared in the news
Broke my heart
Was a death of somebody close
Could have been worse
I still haven't forgotten
Is still happening to me a long time after
11. Your child tells you a very serious lie. You are most likely to say...
"Where the hell did he/she learn that? We should disown him/her!!!"
"I've taught him/her bad things."
"You didnt fool me. You never have and you never will. I spot liars a mile off"
"What's it matter? Really?"
"As long as he/she knows that he/she did wrong, we dont need to take this any further"
"It's not his/her fault. He/she is troubled and needs my help. This is my fault really."
12. You would say your family is...
Wonderful, talented, perfect. I'm proud of us.
Behind me always. Even when I dont deserve it.
No use to me. They tend to make things worse more than they help.
Supportive most of the time, though we have our downs also.
Usually fine, though we have heard the rumours.
Disfunctional. Most of the time I wish they were different, but I love them dearly.
13. A good movie will...
Have a happy ending and a moral.
Be the opposite of my life.
Give me a chance to pull.
Have lots of blood and gore.
Take my mind off of life.
Anything! I love lots of films!
14. My enemies would say I am...
A bad parent.
Slightly psycho.
15. If you would win any competition it would be...
I could win anything if I put my mind to it.
Building and craftsmanship.
I'm not good at much.
16. My dream partner will...
Treat me like royalty.
Be perfect in every way.
Be good to me and my family.
Understand and give me love and attention.
Be very good looking.
Be just like me.
17. I take precautions.
18. If I hurt somebody then...
I did it on purpose.
I did it by accident.
I apologised later.
It was spare of the moment.
19. My children...
Respect me.
Use me.
Dislike me.
Love me.
I dont have children.
20. If I lived on Coronation Street, I'd live on...
The posh side.
The other side.
Which side is the posh side?!?!
I'd dream of the posh side.
21. At a party I would...
Be talking to everybody.
Getting drunk in order to talk to everybody.
Partying, baby!
Sitting in a corner, only saying "yes" or "no" when people talk to me
Bragging to make friends.
22. Your rolemodel...
Somebody with no complications.
Somebody who knows exactly how to talk to their kids.
Somebody who always gets their own way, no matter what.
The best rockstar/actor around!
Somebody very rich who everybody adores.
My parent/partner/friend
23. Commitment?
Not for me.
Lets go for it!
Been there, done that, never again.
I like the idea.
24. If you were an animal, you would be...
A snake. Creepy & ready to lash out when needed to.
Cheater- fast, furious & cunning
Puppy- desperate for love & very trusting
Lion- proud, confident & ruler
panda- taking life as it comes, ready to give out hugs
sloth- lazy, only taking responsibilty when completely necessary

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