What kind of a star wars fan are you

Star Wars is very popular many people have seen it or atleast heard of it. I know that I have never had to explain Star Wars to anyone evryone seems to atleast have heard of it.

But How much have you heard of it areyou obsessed with Star wars or are you just some one who enjoys like any other movie.Tak this quiz as a test of your true Star Wars knowlege. May the Force be with You.

Created by: Crystal Sexton
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. The original trilogy of Star Wars consists of what three episodes.
A new hope, Enpire strikes back, Return of the jedi.
The phantom menace, Attack of the clones, Revenge of the sith.
Um, How many Star Wars movies are there
4. Who is the creator of Star Wars?
George Lucas
Anakin Skywalker
Steven Spielberg
some guy who probably lives with his parents
5. Who plays Luke Skywalker
Hayden Christiansen
Mark Hamill
Harrison Ford
How should I know.
6. Who plays Emperor Palpatine?
Ewan Mcgregor
George Lucas
Ian Mcdiarmid
7. Which Star wars movie was the first to be released in 1977.
The phantom menace
Attack of the clones
revenge of the Sith
A new Hope
The empire strikes back
Return of the jedi
8. Which Star Wars book takes place right after Return of the jedi?
Heir to the empire
Survivor's quest
The truce at Bakura
I don't really read the books
9. what are the three books known as the thrawn trilogy written by Timothy Zahn?
Heir to the empire, Dark force rising, the last command
Specters of the past,visions of the future, Union
I don't know
10. Who does Luke Skywalker Marry?
Mara Jade
No one, jedi aren't supposed to love
Luke gets Married!?
11. Who first wrote the character Mara Jade?
George Lucas
Timothy Zahn
Micheal stackpole
12. What date did was Star wars a new hope released?
May 19 2005
May 25 1977
May 25 1983
I'm not good with dates
13. What does Blueharvest mean?
A movie that was unsuccessful due to the success of Star Wars
The production name for Return of the jedi in an attempt to avoid fans stalking the set.
some Star wars fan site
What does this have to do with Star Wars

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