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  • I Believe you Got it very very wrong i am in no way a Baptist i very much do not agree with the Baptist and i am very much against that church and there beliefs i think that have it wrong i do not believe that once saved always saved i believe that you can fall from grace and if you do not return to it than you are lost i do not believe in any church in todays world. i believe all have lost there way in some form or another. I believe in what jesus said where 2 or more are gathered in my name i will be also thus i believe that GODS church is not a Building with a name on it that you have to attend just on a sunday r a wednesday. I believe you can have church anywhere that 2 or more are giving glory to GOD. I do not believe that the Church has any place are that by going will get you in heaven. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of GOD and came and died for our sins and brought LOVE into a dying world and provided a way that man might come unto the Father for without jesus there is and no way for man to co.e to GOD they were just to full of sin so jesus death provided a way. I was baptised in a pond not of any church but by a man who loved the LORD and believed in him so i chose him because of his love of GOD. Also i believe it is wrong to call anyone Father Because Jesus said so He said call no one FATHER FOR YOU HAVE ONLY ONE FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN HOLY BE IS NAME For we must Believe, Have Faith, AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER . AND NO CHURCH NO MATTER HOW BIG AND GRAND IT IS OR OF ANY NAME IS A TEMPLE OF GOD FOR YIUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF GOD. We all shall be judge and held accountable for r sins and we must believe in Jesus for no man comes unto the father except thru the son Jesus and jesus said deny me before man and i will deny u before the Father.

    DrChan44 Apr 1 '18, 1:56PM
  • You got it right! 88% Catholic, that's me!

    Confederate Mar 12 '18, 10:58AM
  • Heck yeah! I loved this quiz.

    Your Result: Baptist

    As a Baptist, you believe that the saved are commanded to be baptised as a public display of their faith. You are strongly opposed to the whole idea of infant baptism. After all, it's not recored in the Bible, and it is impossible for a child, still innocent in the eyes of God, to accept Christ with all its heart, and be forgiven for future sins. Baptists share many views with mainstream reformed churches regarding matters such as infallable scripture, evangelism, the Trinity, and the Second Coming of Christ. However, Baptists also place a huge emphasis on religious freedom, believing strongly in the autonomy of local churches, and more generally the separation of church and state.

    Beverlyreagan Mar 22 '16, 6:36PM
  • Many of the questions limit answers and leaves no room for balanced opinion on the question. Thus answers may not always be accurate since in some areas the options given are in themselves someone's theological and religious opinion and not solidly based on bible or theological fact. In making my choices I found it was a case of choosing a lesser 'evil' in certain instances and the end result of 'puritanical' is completely inaccurate as I have very different approach to faith and the church.... Liberal would be closer to it. I believe we should be Christians above everything and the one defining character is live a Christ centered life without being stuck in the traditional rut yet appreciating the traditions and liturgy of the church.

    Mellyd Feb 21 '16, 8:55PM
  • Penn: I completely understood every proposition in the quiz. Are you asking the survey to be dumbed-down or should you do some homework and wonder why you don't know? The survey was written by someone who knows the different church "camps" and their main distinctives. It covered the nature of the church, salvation, Trinity, faith, atonement etc. I would encourage you to study Grudem's systematic theology to get an understanding of basic Christian doctrine and categories. No hard feelings I hope.

    maxstrange Feb 19 '16, 1:00PM
  • verki52: First, I would ask you, "What makes you believe that you are a Christian?" Second, I would ask you, "Does it offend or concern you that might NOT be a Christian?"

    maxstrange Feb 19 '16, 12:55PM
  • davymast, your view on religion is not a Biblical one but more of a personal one. The whole "love" view is like talking about coat hook suspended in mid air. Your "love" theology is not grounded in anything but personal speculation and not Bible investigation. The Bible's answer to this question about "who" achieves salvation is rather an easy one. Jesus did. The question of how it is applied is the next one: Does God apply it or does man apply it to himself?

    maxstrange Feb 19 '16, 11:48AM

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