Which Christian denomination do you belong to?

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wavlily said:
Jul 22 '15, 4:04PM

malcomx said:
Jun 4 '15, 12:31AM

please make the words easier to understand please brake it down for dummies like me. how can there be over 100% religeon.

verki52 said:
Apr 5 '15, 6:50PM

I belong to a religious science church, what do I tell a person who thinks I am not a Christian.

youareamazing said:
Oct 11 '14, 11:44PM

I don't even know what is a Puritan or their stands. I been hoping to attend a Primitive Baptist church (which I never did though).

Anderson 56 said:
Sep 9 '14, 12:55PM

Mormons are real Christians and the only true Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

Lorie said:
Jul 29 '14, 5:45AM

PURITAN 91%!!! YIPES. I've always seen myself as a Baptist with strong Calvinist leanings, (Baptist 89%, Calvinist 72%). I attend a Baptist church with strong Pentecostal leanings.

dettemc said:
Jun 28 '14, 5:34PM

Baptist=89% and Pentecostal=85% Wow! I am just how my mother describes me....Bapticostal!! !! Amen.

boerkees said:
Feb 25 '14, 5:06PM

Funny, being raised catholic, leaving religion at the age of about 12 having lived the last 48 years as an atheist, the result is as follows: Pentecostal: 86%, Methodist: 62%, Baptist: 57%, Puritan: 38%, Restorationist: 27%, Lutheran: 22%, Calvinist: 15%, Catholic: 15%, Episcopalian: 14%.
Like Hellinc7 questions, perhaps too much focussed on christian denominations...
I also missed options like 'None of these options'.

janetlumb said:
Dec 12 '13, 6:37AM

i agree with revrobin. it is clear what standpoint the questioner comes from, and is loaded!

Doesty said:
Nov 24 '13, 11:29PM

quite confused... I suppose I can identify with some aspects of Luther's theology, so maybe Lutheran is understandable. Calvinism seems to be high up there tho which does confuse me :s.

sdp05 said:
Oct 27 '13, 10:50PM

It called me a Calvinist! Even though I said people have free will (Qs 3 & 17). Questions 7 and 16 (faith alone and atonement) were difficult because my option was not provided in either. (7: Faith Alone, _evidenced_ by doing good works (James 2) and 16: Atoning sacrifice offered by God to humanity to bring about reconciliation, not appeasement or tricking Satan or even propitiation of an angry god--the sole source of atonement, but not substitutionary.)

revrobin said:
Oct 25 '13, 9:28AM

Two comments: First some of your answers are loaded, that is to say you do not offer enough options to get to a true belief system nor do you offer a "none of the above" choice. Second, your English usage needs some help, for instance the distinction between "between" and "among" is misused. A good start, but lacks enough depth.

Penn said:
Oct 25 '13, 2:12AM

I didn't even understand half of what the questions actually were. This quiz needs to be reworded so all Christians understand, and put into simple language. When I finally got my answer it said I was a Calvinist. I couldn't work out how it came to that conclusion but of course words like presbytery and episcopal are not in my language and definitely not in the Word of God. I am probably a radical pentecostal so I felt duly insulted by the answer.

janereginald said:
Oct 24 '13, 12:38PM

I like what Hellenic7 said as well.

janereginald said:
Oct 24 '13, 12:37PM

I like what davymast said

davymast said:
Oct 24 '13, 9:03AM

I feel like this quiz has very little to do with the Christian faith, which for me, is all about love. Love is not even mentioned in any of the questions or answers.

Here are my answers:

1. What is your age?

2. What is your gender?
(tho ugh the only other option is female, so those who don't fit into a binary understanding of gender are already excluded)

3. Who do you believe decides whether or not someone achieves salvation?
I don't know. My brain reads this question along similar lines as "If you have a chocolate bar and an apple in your lunchbox, what colour is your pet cat?" I mean, I like chocolate, but I don't care much for apples, and I don't even have a cat. Go figure.

4. Which of the the options below do you think best sums up the legitimate sacraments?
I find murmurs of God's grace all over the place. When I sit and do paintings. When I'm out walking my dog. When I'm drinking a beer and discussing Voltaire down at the pub. Aren't these sacraments too?

5. What are your views on church hierarchy and positions such as that of Priest, Bishop etc?
I like that Bishops get to wear funky gold hats. And the colourful scarfs priests wear are pretty cool to.

6. Do you believe in the idea of a universal church (before the Second Coming), or that people should have religious freedom to pursue their beliefs as God guides them?
Huh? I'm not sure what the second coming has to do with any of this, but I'm happy for people to connect with God (or to struggle with faith) in whatever way suits them. I'm pretty sure if I was born and brought up in a Muslim country that I'd be a Muslim.

7. Which of the following do you believe to be necessary for salvation?
See question 3 on cats and chocolate.

8. Do you believe there is any merit in infant baptism?
Yes, it brings families together, creates a ritual through which children become part of the community, and helps parents feel they're doing the right thing by their child.

9. Do you bel

Boncie said:
Oct 24 '13, 6:10AM

I was raised Quaker and now am Church of England. I was placed as a Restorationist. Go figure.

cgcgcg54 said:
Oct 23 '13, 9:49PM

I feel like this quiz was relatively biased. I am a nondenominational Christian, and I feel that organized denominations are distracting and put too many limits and too much pressure on believers to be the "perfect" Baptist/Methodist/C atholic/Pentecostal /etc.

Precious2God said:
Oct 21 '13, 12:24PM

Good quiz but PLEASE go back through & use spell check. Thanks.

junipersteph said:
Oct 21 '13, 6:08AM

My result was Episcopalian, as I am an Anglican it got it right. Catholic is second and I would consider myself Anglo-Catholic, right again. Liked it.

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