Which character from "The Revenant" are you?

In "The Revenant", author Elise Abram's new YA paranormal novel, Zulu the Revenant, Kat the Empath and Morgan the Seer enlist Father Paul to fight necromancer Malchus's zombie minions.

Which character from "The Revenant" are you? Now you can find out the answer to this burning question and get a feel for what "The Revenant" is about by taking this awesome quiz!

Created by: amazon of Elise Abram
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3. When you see a person in trouble you
use your superpowers to save him.
talk him out of his situation.
write about it in your journal and give it to Zulu later.
hope he dies so you can raise him from the dead and add him to your army of minions.
council him so he doesn't get into trouble next time.
4. When you are injured you
discard your current meat sack and look for someone else to possess.
patch it up and say a prayer.
ask your mother, the nurse, for help.
find a bandaid and have a cup of tea and some biscuits to recuperate.
self-heal while dreaming you're a superhero.
5. You learn someone's raising the dead in the city of Toronto. You
send Kat and Zulu to investigate.
refuse to believe such a thing is possible.
rejoice in your success.
feel sick when you can't detect their auras.
kill him again.
6. You learn Malchus, the Seer's brother, is in possession of an innocent's body. You
exorcise him.
talk him into releasing the body and returning to the afterlife.
kill both of them.
protect the innocent.
maintain the body for as long as you can.
7. You are given a bunny as a gift. You
see if one of your parishioners would like it as a pet.
kill it and try to resurrect it.
keep it as your own pet.
convince your mom to keep it.
set it free. There's no room for a pet in your small quarters.
8. You are approached by a strange boy outside of a church. You
evaluate him to see if he'd make a good minion.
follow him into the subway to join his quest.
think nothing of it.
try to recall if you've dreamt of his life being in danger.
welcome him into the church to provide counselling.
9. You feel most at home
nowhere. You have not been home in more than 100 years.
with my boy, Zulu.
with my mom.
in the church.
atop the cities highest buildings.
10. Someone offers you coffee and a doughnut. You
take it. Mom always says carbs are good for energy.
refuse it. You don't need to eat. Ever.
accept it. It's fuel for the body you've taken.
thank the person, but request tea instead.
remain suspicious about the motives of the person giving them to you.
11. You detect someone without an aura in Yonge-Dundas Square. You
question your beliefs. Zombies are not in the realm of your belief system.
follow him, certain he'll lead you to Malchus.
second guess yourself. Everyone has an aura.
begin to worry your brother, Malchus is up to no good.
look him in the eyes and convince him he lives to serve you.
12. You find yourself in the midst of a battle between good and evil. You
grab your sword and fight to the death.
try to talk your zombie guards into letting you go.
force your zombie pets to guard the entrance.
exorcise their master.
sacrifice yourself for those you love.

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