Which character from Hearts and Minds are you?

What is Hearts and Minds? It's a story. Who knows who wrote it? It has some wonderful characters, but have you ever wondered which of them you resemble?

With this quiz, you can find out! Even if you don't know Hearts and Minds, then you might find out more about yourself? Or maybe you're just bored - then the quiz will help too!

Created by: Sidsel ~ Yuki Varentain
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. First up, what's your favourite colour?
Black. It makes me happy.
White or grey.
Black! And violet! They rule!
Uhm... Blue and green I guess?
Well, I like brown and yellow... and pink...
4. What colour is your hair?
Brown chestnut.
Platinium blonde.
Completely black!
Blonde... kinda.
Er.. brown?
5. Scenario: You're in a dark alley and a big guy suddenly emerges from the shadows, armed with a knife, and threatens you! What do you do?
If I can't take him out, and I totally can't, it's RUN motherf----- RUN!!
Try to take him down, I'm probably stronger than him.
Beat the sh-- out of him! Or at least try...
*chuckle* You do not want to know.
Pull out my own knife, I'm always armed, and fight him!
6. Scenario: It's been going amazing for a long time, but suddenly the love of your life breaks up with you! What do you do?
Try everything I can to get him back, but if I fail... well, be sad for the rest of my life...
... I'm not sure... I would try to move on but it would be really hard for me.
Cry! Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry!
Dammit!! Why does that always happen to me!!?
7. Scenario: Someone gave you something you've wanted VERY badly for a VERY long time. How do you react?
I would get totally happy and thank the person!
Be happy of course. And thankful. Now let's see what this something is...
I dunno, depends on the person giving it to me. If I didn't like the person, I would be VERY surprised...!
Thank the person giving it to me of course.
I'd be happy. Nobody ever gives me anything...
8. If you HAD to kill someone, how would you do it?
Depends. If it was somebody I didn't care for, then I would just shoot them. However, if it was someone I liked, I would use my sword.
Snipe them from a long distance, and nobody would ever find out that I did it.
Just kill him/her in any way possible! Shoot! Punch! Kick! Slice! Stab!
Uhm... I dunno, I don't kill people...
I would sneak up on them, bite them, and suck every last drop of blood out of them! ... Did I just say that out loud?
Stab them to death with my knife, or use an assault rifle. I don't care who it is.
9. Do you have a dark side?
I don't really know... Maybe.
Yeah... It's almost "demonic"...
Nah, I'm dark enough already.
Kinda... but... doesn't everybody?
10. More colours! Which colour are your eyes?
Well, they get darker when I'm angry, but normally middle-brown.
Very bright blue.
Blue, with a hint of green or grey.
Brown, but also a little bit yellow...
11. Do you belive in the supernatural?
Some things, yeah.
Yeah. I'd rather want to belive in it than not.
... I don't wanna talk about that...
A little...
Yes I do.
No, that's stupid!
12. How is your physical kondition/shape?
I'm chubby, NOT fat!
Pretty good.
I'm rather skinny, but also strong.
... I'm overweight.
Skinny. Some people even think that I am anorexic, although I am not. I do have a little muscle too.
I'm very strong. *flex*
13. How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?
Like 5? I can't remember exactly.
I've liked a few, but I have a girlfriend/boyfriend right now.
I've only had one.
I've had a crush on many, but only a few serious relationships.
*chuckle* Too many to count.
I'm rarely in love...
14. Do you have more friends or enemies?
A bit more enemies, but it's almost equal.
I have a handful of good friends, but I also have a few enemies.
Definately enemies! But I do have a few close friends too.
I'm pretty popular, so many people CLAIM to be my friends. I have a lot of REAL friends too, though. Not many enemies.
... Neither...
15. How is your temper?
I get upset when people are unfair to me (and especially if they call me bit--).
It's alright. Not too quick-tempered, not too laid-back.
I have anger management problems...
I'm pretty laid back, but I can of course get angry sometimes.
I rarely get angry, but when I finally do, I can get extremely mad.
I can get pretty pissed pretty quickly, but rarely REALLY mad.
16. Do you have any siblings?
Yeah, I have a brother.
Nope. I'm an only child!
Yup, I have a sister.
Well, I have a half brother/half sister.
... I do not actually know...

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