Which Canadian Political Party Should you Vote for?

There are a few people who actually know what each party stands for? But there is a faster way to find out which party you actually believe in? Canada's governmental structure was originally established by the British parliament through the British North America Act (now known as the Constitution Act, 1867), but the federal model and division of powers were devised by Canadian politicians. Particularly after World War I, citizens of the self-governing Dominions, such as Canada, began to develop a strong sense of identity, and, in the Balfour Declaration of 1926, the British government expressed its intent to grant full autonomy to these regions. Thus in 1931, the British Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster, giving legal recognition to the autonomy of Canada and other Dominions. Following this, Canadian politicians were unable to obtain consensus on a process for amending the constitution until 1982, meaning amendments to Canada's constitution continued to require the approval of the British parliament until that date. Similarly, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Britain continued to make the final decision on legal issues until 1949. As well, because of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and rulings of courts on legislation, Canada is becoming more like a constitutional democracy, as opposed to the parliamentary democracy of its design.

Are you a blue Tory who supports Stephen Harper? Or a Seperatists who votes for the Bloc? Take this Quiz and find out which party you actually support.The politics of Canada function within a framework of constitutional monarchy and a federal system of parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions. Many of the country's legislative practices derive from the unwritten conventions of and precedents set by the United Kingdom's Westminster parliament; however, Canada has evolved variations. For example, party discipline in Canada is stronger than in the United Kingdom, and more parliamentary votes are considered motions of confidence, which tends to diminish the role of non-Cabinet Members of Parliament (MPs). Such members, in the government caucus, and junior or lower-profile members of opposition caucuses, are known as backbenchers. Backbenchers can, however, exert their influence by sitting in parliamentary committees, like the Public Accounts Committee or the National Defence Committee.

Created by: Kyle Jones
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What would you define as your General Canadian Political Ideology?
Blue Tory- neoliberal, neoconservative, capitalism, fiscal values
Red Tory- capitalism, socialism, sovereignty, monarchists, liberal-conservative
Clear Grits- liberal, socialism, individual rights, republicans
Other- Seperatist, Anarchist, Environmentalist or Communist
4. Military: Define the role of our military?
Non-intervention - no peacekeeping and almost no spending, use diplomacy
National Defence - decrease spending and only protect Canada
Peace Keeping - protecting Canada and peacekeeping missions
Passive aggressive - engage in wars that are Nato led, wars that are a hybrid of peacekeeping and host reformation
Aggressive- invade countries in favour of corporate interests of Canada
5. Immigration Policy: Size? Restrictions? Note: Screening: health, criminal record and other preliminary tests
Increase, no preliminary or heavy regulation
Maintain, no preliminary or heavy regulation
Maintain, preliminary or heavy regulation
Reduce, preliminary or heavy regulation
Adjust according to our needs, i.e. if we need Artic workers, then offer immigration to that area first.
6. Health Care Policy?
100% public healthcare, increase in spending, expand policy
100% public healthcare, maintain or slight decrease in spending, maintain coverage
Semi-Privatized, it will increase cost to individual but they will get better services
7. Environment Policy?
Join an international environmental pact , pass eco-capitalist laws and increase environmentalism
Increase environmenatlist efforts, but no international pact
Maintain or decrease environmental efforts
8. Policy of Crown Corporations? (Privatization? i.e. Bank of Canada, Petro Canada, Canada Post etc.)
Anti-Privatization- Renationalize lost corporations.
Semi-Privatization- keep part ownerships, keep full ownerships and sell some corporations.
Privatization- increases revenues and performance
9. Policy on Free Trade and other International Agreements? (i.e. SPP & NAFTA)
Restrict and Further regulate
Liberate more
10. Economic Growth vs. Welfare State?
Control inflation, economy is more important
Control unemployment, welfare state is more important
11. Policy on Social Funding? (Welfare, Child Care & Housing etc.)
Increase support
Decrease support
Maintain support
12. Policy on Religion?
Maintain Liberal Secular values, laws and public standards
Incorporate social/fiscal/religious-like conservative values, law and public standards
13. Policy on Sexuality? i.e. Homosexual Marriage
Sexuality is a private affair. Maintain legal status
Sexuality is a private affair, but society must maintain certain legalities. Demote status to civil unions
Sexuality is defined in doctrines like the bible and other societal standards. Recognize no marriage or union
14. Policy on Culture?
Pro-hybrid diversity and national unity
Anti-Diversity and pro national unity
15. Policy Quebec Sovereignty?
No way, take away the system we have now
Allow them to have an artificial semi-sovereignty
Oui, Oui
16. Policy on Public Education: funding and standards?
17. Policy on Post-Secondary?
100% Public and Free
Maintain status but reduce tuition
Maintain status but freeze tuition
Let it be, or increase tuition
18. Policy on Crime?
Harshen punishments and introduce capital punishment
Maintain punishments and increase prevention methods
Focus on rehabilitation and prevention
19. Policy on Public Laws in Society?
Restrictive, conservative
Maintain, liberal
Liberal, libertarian
20. Policy on Constitutional Rights and Humanitarianism?
More important than common good
Not as important as common good
21. Policy on Health Standards and Regulation? (i.e Water supply, nutrition, recreational fitness etc.)
22. Policy on arts, tourism and local and national sporting events?
Very important, help fund them.
Important, fund accordingly
Not very Important, no funding
23. Policy on Aboriginal treaties: rights and claims?
Honour treaties and compensate them.
Honour treaties but little or no compensation, use other means
Don't honour treaties, it's time they be treated as equals
24. Policy on Drugs?
Liberate: legalize marijuana, decriminalize hard drgus
Maintain: decriminlized marijuana, illegalized hard drugs and regulated alcohol
Restrict: illegalize marijuana and promote or further other restrictive policies
25. If someone breaks the law in a different country and is imprisoned, what is Canada obligated to do?
Nothing: review charges and make sure there is a trial, respect other countries
Depends: review charges, analyze crime and human rights
Absolutely everything: review charges, push for release, offer national imprisonment
26. Who is your Canadian Role Model:
Chuck Cadman - victim's rights MP
Pierre Trudeau- social liberal pm
Terry Fox- humanitarian
David Suzuki- environmentalist
Renee Leveque-Quebec Seperatist
27. The Ideal Prime Minister of Canada would be especially fitted/focused/skilled at :
Economy-national economy
Welfare-public healthcare and other public services
Environment- improve environmental laws and efforts
Humanitarianism- increase immigration and/or international foreign aid
Civil liberties- have a strong regard for constitutional rights and human rights

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