Which Bollywood actress do you look like?

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maham fatima said:
Jun 10 '17, 12:13PM

Hey guys this quiz is only based on only one question ( on which song would you like to dance) when i select jia re song i got anushka and when i select chahun ma yana i got shraddha this quiz is just so stupid! :-D but also very interesting and awesome!

Riyashi said:
Dec 26 '15, 10:09AM

I get 100per deepika and Katrina and 80per alia yaa i know that iam beautiful as compare to katrina and alia bt plz..do not compare me with deepika she's gorgeous and very talented and her fitness is also very very good i love deepika very much

suprabha said:
Sep 15 '15, 3:13AM

loveBirdArya,i am also an indian

LoveBirdArya said:
Jan 23 '15, 6:08AM

Hi ekta..
I hope u understand hindi :) . So, I m writiting in hindi..
mujhe lagta tha ki yaha sirf me hi Indian hu but thank god ki tum v Indian ho. Chalo yaha koi to Indian mila. Anyways nyc quiz..

Mikasa ankermen said:
Dec 8 '14, 12:56AM


1D_Bird said:
Dec 7 '14, 2:47PM

got depika and katrina ....dont know who are they ...but ok

1D_Bird said:
Dec 7 '14, 2:46PM

i dont kniw who are they ...but ok

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