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RedFoxz said:
Feb 9 '18, 9:42AM

You are the fox. The fox is curious, clever, and agile animal. It is almost universally portrayed as a sly trickster. In real life, foxes have been known to actually employ tricks to throw hunters off it's trail.

leafpool1972 said:
Jul 24 '16, 7:24PM

Am i the only one to end up with the Wolverine lol, 92% and Wolf in 2nd at 86%

KibaWOLFRAIN said:
May 22 '16, 3:58PM

89% Wolf

Mistytail said:
Apr 2 '16, 12:36AM

YAY! I love foxes!

BlueEyedCat said:
Feb 7 '16, 2:23AM

I got cat. Really does not surprise me. Everyone refers to me as having an odd purr, which I do. I also have SHARP af teeth lol

RubyHeart said:
Dec 19 '15, 11:58AM

Which Animal Are You (Detailed) Quiz
Your Result: Cat

resultYou are the Cat. Cats may befriend people and make friendly pets, but there are times when they "walk their wild lone" and can be mysterious and queer. Cats are also noted for their curiosity. They are fierce fighters for their small size.

I had second to a fox but cats are my spirit animal I loved it

Zelda Black said:
Nov 23 '15, 2:57PM

I wanted to be a llama! :'(

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