Which _afterthoughts_ Character Are You?

_afterthoughts_ is the story of Jason and Olivia, a rather odd pair who happen to stick together through their interest in each other. Jason, victim of many tragedies, seeks to find a reason for the war, and why this strange girl so closely resembles his dead sister. Olivia, half-ghost, half-human, clutches onto the last scraps of memory she knows to find the rest. Why does life have to be complicated, and death even more so? Why isn't the living enough for this world anymore?

So you've read the series (you better. >O< ) @ the DA site. Do you think you most closely resemble the strong and determined Jason, or the more ditzy and strange Olivia? Find out....after a short quiz. XD

Created by: hyper_angel of Me@DeviantArt
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What mood are you usually in?
Happy! ^^
Sad. TT_TT
Bored. -_-
Angry. >o<
Busy. >_>
4. What's your opinion on death?
You're going to heaven if you're good...and hell if you're not.
It doesn't matter either way.
Wherever you go, it's gotta be better than this world.
I dunno.
5. Someone threatens you with a beating if you don't do what they tell you. What do you do?
RUN AWAYZ!!! *skitters away*
Fight 'im. He'll be the one begging for orders when I'm done with him...
Kill 'im. Nobody tells YOU what to do.
Leave him alone. There's no point in fighting or doing what they say.
Do what they say.
6. Which color accurately describes your personality?
7. Who was your mentor when you grew up?
Your mom. She always listened to you.
Your sibling. They were the greatest.
Yourself. You were just soooo cool.
A political figure / mentor. They taught you everything.
A daydream character. Though they didn't exist, they guided you.
8. What music do you like to download and listen to?
Rap / Hip-hop
Techno / Dance
Rock / Metal
Video Game Music
9. You have homework and need to study. What's up?
I'm studying and doing my homework.
I'm goofing off, while trying to concentrate on homework.
I'm playing video games and watching TV.
Homework? What homework?
You study, but forget your homework in the process.
10. Dancing or singing?
I don't dance OR sing.
11. If you could dye your hair, what color?
Blue / Purple
Something bright and funky.
12. When you fall asleep, what side do you find most comfortable?
On my back.
Facing the wall.
Facing the room.
On my stomach.
13. What would make you the unhappiest?
Family dying.
A pet dying.
Losing everything you worked hard for.
Losing your girlfriend / boyfriend.
None of these would make me sad.
14. Alternately, what would make you the happiest?
Finding the love of my life.
Ressurecting someone from the dead.
Getting everything you wanted.
Finding the one thing you've been looking for.
Nothing would make me happy anymore.
15. "Something stirs in the bushes, and you step closer to see. It doesn't look like anything, really, but you do find two big eyes staring into your own, prying into your soul."
Kill it.
Uh....hello, strange eye-y thing.
Step away....slowly....
16. Last question: Good luck charm?
A necklace / jewelry.
Something shiny.
Something from your childhood.
Something soft and furry.

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