Which 2016 Presidential Candidate are you? [retro]

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Answer honestly-and figure out your true alliance! You might like to know that I am a right wing tea party member, but I stay very unbiased through this small quiz.

There are a few topics that I did not touch on due to irrelevance or action having been taken on them already or the fact that they were not around in 2016.

Created by: Lou Miso

  1. Who should run the country?
  2. How good a president was Ronald Reagan, scale of 1-10?
  3. Which person had the best idea for a government?
  4. Are there unnecessary government programs?
  5. Should welfare be extended?
  6. What about foreign policy? How should we classify?
  7. Now for the touchy topics-when should abortion be legal?
  8. Should transgenders be allowed to choose either bathroom?
  9. On to the economy...are big businesses good for us?
  10. Should the rich be taxed any more than they already are?
  11. Should income taxes be raised or lowered?
  12. Pointless question time!!: Should violent video games be banned?
  13. Who should(ve) pick(ed) the replacement for the great Antonin Scalia?
  14. Did you think this quiz was good?

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