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Vaders said:
Jan 30 '16, 8:20PM

Whomever wrote this quiz needs to LOOK at what Liberals do! Not what they fantasize they are. Liberalism is a disease. my answers were far , far removed from the destruction of what Liberals do. and yet the results call me to likely be liberal???...

Wh ere are you on the political spectrum

Your Result: Liberal


Your political and policy decisions are influenced by the principles of liberty, equality, peace and justice. You have an altruistic concern for your fellow men and women. You are likely to be a Democrat, but not all Democrats are liberals.

Again , if you where the writer and you think you are a Liberal you are living in your own personal Fantasy.

Boogerdam98 said:
Jan 19 '16, 11:08PM

Okay, I'm sick of these stupid chainmail comments like the one above! You too? We can fight it! Just copy what I wrote below!

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Simmo said:
May 11 '15, 7:08AM

Huh... I thought the quiz was a bit too right wing for me...

catroast said:
Feb 25 '15, 2:56PM

The author of this quiz is very obviously Liberal. The questions are leading and very pointed. When you resort to calling people names, you reveal your true self. While I do identify with Libertarian Conservatives and the outcome was that, but called me a "wingnut", I found this quiz to have some very hurtful and myopic Liberal language that would skew results and cater to a certain group.

jyoverseas24 said:
Feb 11 '15, 4:09AM

Well, I guess I am a Conservative nutjob! The best quote that I read yesterday stated:

"I'd rather be a conservative nutjob, than a Liberal with no nuts and no job"

That just about sums it up!

smcqb said:
Feb 9 '15, 11:47PM

This quiz doesn't pass muster not impartial questions at all--very left leaning and leading questions.

AndiGee said:
Feb 9 '15, 9:53PM

Some of the questions were 75% leftist only answers. And the rest were worded in such a way that if you chose anything but the most obvious one, you are a heartless, evil republican. Obviously written by a committed leftist; probably a public school teacher near a coast. And, yeah, I'm a libertarian, but I am a Republican Libertarian: a Conservative, Taxed Enough Already member.

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