When Winter Comes 4

You are on vacation and you are having a great time. It's kinda difficult with all these guys wanting you but, that's life! Enjoy this quiz. Oh and there is a new guy too!

Something strange is going on but there seems to be a logical answer. Do you like surfing, or maybe just hanging out? Try this quiz and find out who you like the most.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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3. His touch is so gentle that you drift into sleep. You wake up only a few minutes later, Jeremy is carrying you in his arms.
Why am I always stuck with him?
4. "Hey sleepy." He notices you awake. You slightly tilt to get up and walk but he holds you tight. "Hey, where are we?" You ask. "We are right in front of the hotel, I'm going to drop you off."
You don't have to
Put me down
5. It's only moments until you are in your room again. He sets you down and says "Bye" He leaves quickly. He looks like he needs to do something.
Let's investigate!
I'm tired.
Does he have to leave so soon.
6. You look outside your window and see Jeremy get into a dodge viper and speed off. "Hmm, strange" You remember looking through your window before you went to bed a couple days ago, He sped off then too.
He drives a cool car
Who cares, he's awesome!
7. "Oh well" You say, then you go to bed. You are awakened by a knock on the door. You turn in your bed when you hear it again. You put the pillow over your head when you hear it again. Turning toward your clock you see it is 7:00. Barely able to talk you say, "Come in..
Who is it?
8. You see that guy you saw yesterday. "Oh, I didn't know you were sleeping.." He looks at you. Dark hair and dead black eyes. "No, it's uhh fine." You get out of your bed. "I'm... Derek" He looks nervous. "I'm ____" You say. "Yah, I know, my cousin told me all about you.
Are you a stalker
He's cute
9. "My cousin, Jeremy" You look at him for a second when yuo notice they have similar features.
He's told you about me, hehe:D
You look alike
I want you to leave
10. 'Well, I gotta go.." Shyly he walks uot your door. "You step out quickly, "Wait," He comes back. "Do you wanna go somewhere I'm free" You continue. "I was going to ask you that but," "Anyway, you wanna go to see my band play?" "Sure
11. You two jog to the park and see a band on a type of stand. For the first time you see him smile, he has the cutest dimples. Then he looks at you and runs on stage. He plays the electric guitar.
12. He plays very well. And boy, can he rock! Once he's done he laughs and says he has to leave now. You both depart. While you are going back to the hotel, you see Jake! He runs and hugs you. "I missed you! do you want to hangout" Of course you say yes
I want to be with Derek
I want to be with Jeremy
13. You both go surfing again and you have more fun then the first time! After awhile, Jake takes you nearby on the beach. There is a little picnic basket.
He planned this :D
Where's Wesley
14. Inside there are your favorite type of sandwiches. You take one bite and they taste wonderful! Not only that but each sandwhich is in the shape of a heart.
How sweet
I want to leave
15. He tells a few jokes and then talks some. "So, are you having fun?' You say, "Yes, and thanks for the sandwhiches, they are delicious!" You notice he has good abs. He sees you looking at them and gives a little chuckle while he bites his sandwhich. Embarrassing you look away.
Lol! He's cute
ARE we done yet
16. without much more you both depart. You wish you could have stayed longer but after your drinks got sand in them, you couldn't eat any more. You are nearly back at the hotel when you see a mercades, a car, with Wesly driving.
Go away
Pick me up!
17. Without asking he takes your hand and leads you into the car. "I wanted to take you to my favorite place to hang out" You enter your destination. It is a large dance floor with hundreds of people on it! "Wow," You say. He takes your hand again and leads you inside. Your favorite song is on and you two laugh and start to dance. There is a disco ball and you two boogie!!
Who cares as long as i'm with him
18. A slow song comes on next and he grabs you pulls you toward him. You dance with your heads close together. You feel in the moment so you kiss his cheek.
I did!! Yes!
What about Jake?
What about Derek
What about Jeremy
19. Instantly you pull away. You can't look at his face. You're so embarassed that you run out of the joint and continue until you are back in your room
20. It's night time and Jeremy knocks on your door. He comes in and smiles. "I wanted to see you before I went to bed," His eyes are sparkling.
Wheres Derek
21. You ask him,"I don't mean to be nosey or anything but, what were you doing those nights. When you went out in your car."....... silence for a second. "I didn't want to tell anyone but, I give to a charity. The guy who takes the donations sets up when and where we'll meet."
22. "I guess that makes sense.." you say. He says goodnight and leaves.
Is this a Ciff hanger
23. Who do you like?

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