When Winter Comes

THIS IS NUMBER TWO!! You are on vacation in Hawaii! Its time to kick back and lay in the sun, or will you be surfing more often? There is something strange going on this time..

You seem to find something important but I can't give it away! You'll have to take this Quiz to find out. Guys: Jeremy, tall with red hair and green eyes. Wesley, blonde hair with deep chocolate eyes. Jake, cool guy, dark hair with sparkling hazel eyes.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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3. You hear a knock at your door, you open to find
4. Jeremy. This time he is in a fancy tuxedo and wearing black pants. He grins and puts your arm around his. "This way ma'am." "Where are we going" You ask. "To the Diner" Once you get there you see the most fancy resturaunt. He pulls out your chair. And waits.
I don't want to be here
What a gentleman
5. You sit politely and he takes a seat across from you. You make small talk until the waitress gets there and takes your order. "Order anything you want, it's on me" Jeremy said. You order your favorite meal.
Well at least I got food
He is so sweet
6. "You know, I have lived here all my life and i have never seen a woman as beautiful as you" You are shocked at what he said and can't think of any reply
I wish I knew what to say,
7. The rest of the night is quiet until dessert. The waitress comes again. "We'll both take a chocolate cake!" "That's not.. he inturrupts you "I insist. You'll love it. You try the cake and find out it's really good! Too bad it's night, Jeremy takes you back to your room.
I want to stay with him
finally im free
8. Before he drops you off he leans close to you and brushes your hair, but then a loud crash behind you interrupts.
Thank goodness
what was that
9. It happened to be Jake. He stumbled and fell to the ground. You stare at him and he stares back. Embarassed he stands up and runs away.
No, come back Jake!!
That's right, leave
Where is wesley..
10. Well, that kinda ruined the moment and instead Jeremy just says bye. You walk into your room to see roses on the counter. There is a note attached
Is it from Jake
Is it from Wesley
Is it from Jeremy
11. It's from Jake, it reads~ Dear ____, I need to tell you something. Go to the beach tomorrow after noon. Love Jake.~ LOVE?! you repeat the words in your mind
awww, he loves me
I wish it was from Jeremy
12. You go to bed, and have a peaceful sleep. You wake up the next morning and decide to go on the back patio were you see
Another note
A note
or a note!
13. You read it. Its a clever riddle. You ponder what the answer could be then you head to the pool. At the pool was another note that had another riddle. You follow a trail of riddles and cute poems until you end up at the ice cream parlor across the street. There to meet you is Wesley.
He did all this for me :D
Jake, wat do you want to tell me?
14. "Hey good lookin" He waves at you. You giggle as a result. "Want ice cream?" He asks. "Sure, vanilla please.' "Comin up!' He gets you an ice cream and you both sit down at a table near by.
Oh goodey
I have to get out of here,
Where is Jeremy again?
15. Wesley is looking at you a lot while he eats his ice cream. You get tired of it and meet his glance with a frown.Quickley he looks away. You eat your ice cream and he has the guts to do it again! This time you look at him angerly but he turns his head again.
Aww, He's cute. We are playng a game
He is soo annoying
He's not rich like Jeremy
16. It happens again and you stand up in disgust. He starts laughing! You are so angry that you throw your drink at him. He dodges and leaps toward you! suddenly he has you in his arms and he is really close to you. He smiles and your heart melts for a moment, But he quickly puts you down and disappears
Come back!
17. Before you know it its the afternoon. You go to meet Jake but something catches your eye. Down the hall is a door that has a code lock on it. You think whats in there, And you move closer to it.. All the sudden you feel a hard object crash against your skull!!
Ouch save me Wesley
Save me Jake

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