When will you get married?

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StickyNotes said:
Mar 24 '16, 12:24AM

No hhdhhjhfugfhvkjgugs

StickyNotes said:
Mar 24 '16, 12:23AM

I'm only fourteen damnit

Luv myself said:
Mar 14 '16, 8:47AM

Looks like the spams have hit her quiz. I'm sorry this had to happen.

Mistytail said:
Mar 11 '16, 8:51PM

You are 0% close to marriage!

Uh oh.. you are in deep trouble!! You should really change your view on marriage. And don't change your boyfriends/girlfrie nds too often..

coolmama said:
Feb 17 '16, 11:39AM

im dead!!!

coolmama said:
Feb 17 '16, 11:37AM

Got 5% guess that i an mot going to get married LOL!!!!!!

Eat Potatoes said:
Jan 18 '16, 8:11PM

LOL i got 0%.......... NEVER GET MARRIED COSTS ABOUT 100,000 dollars or something...... dating is gross anyway. Im girl in elementary so DATING AND MAKING OUT IS SUPER GROSS....

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