Whats the first letter of the boy who loves you?

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LaughMachine said:
Mar 21 '15, 4:59PM

Huh? Yeah, you people are right! I GOT D TWICE!

CheeseRox said:
Mar 13 '12, 4:44AM

O....M....G.... That.... Is scary how did you know??????

PlanetPanda said:
Dec 28 '11, 2:51PM

Everyone got D!!!
No stars deserved!!!

BFS said:
Mar 6 '11, 12:28PM

I can't belive it. The boy who bullid me 4 6 years now fancies an he dint denie it when my m8 asked him.His name begins w\t D the quiz is fixed but i dont care.

BurnsunDieagain said:
Jan 23 '11, 5:38PM

Do all of them begin wit D???
(weeeeel ya I like a guy whos name starts w/ a d but still...)

jessie14 said:
Apr 8 '10, 6:53PM

my boy hates me

CIARA74 said:
Dec 20 '09, 2:20PM

that was so odd i did another quiz a few minutes ago and i got d and now again i got d that is f---ed up

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