What Zelda Character are You?

It's been around for over 25 years at this point. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The Legend of Zelda is definitely worthy of personality quizzes and this is yet another that hopes to achieve the greatness of it's predecessors.

Have you ever asked yourself the following question? "Which Zelda character am I most like, anyway?" Well in this short quiz, I hope to help discern the answer to your curiosity.

Created by: Seth Anderson
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3. You see a helpless kid getting mugged. What do you do?
Run over and take the place of the child. I'm pretty sure I can take this guy. Even if I don't win, it's for a greater cause.
Give the bully a nice solid uppercut to the groin. Pick on someone your own size!
Pause a moment and think out a plan to take down the bully. He's bigger than me, so there's no need to be reckless.
Stare at the kid. Blink. Lose interest and search for something more fun to occupy my time. Like that bird over there!
Call on my gang and overwhelm the bully.
Psshh. What are you talking about? I AM the bully in most situations.
4. You see a scrawny, obviously starving dog on the side of the street. What do you do?
Walk over to the dog and try to comfort it. I give it some scraps of leftover food, but I simply don't have time to help it further...
I feel sorry for the dog, but don't want to get my hands dirty. I'll inform my servant and have him look into it.
I laugh at the petty creature in front of my and kick it a few solid times in the head. Stupid animal.
I'd probably do something about it if I weren't so occupied searching for a lifelong companion.
I feel slightly bad for the dog, but cave in to peer pressure and beat the poor animal.
I decide to care for the wounded animal and take it home with me to nourish it back to health.
5. Your friends are egging you on to go into a creepy, presumably abandoned house. You hear a scary moan from inside, but your friends look at you like you're crazy when you tell them. They still want to enter the shack... What do you do?
I decide to face my fear and follow my friends inside...
I'm not stupid! I run for it and leave my friends' fate to themselves.
I charge inside. First of all, there's not an ounce of fear in my body. Second of all, if anything were to happen, I'd destroy my opposition.
I laugh along with the crowd and go inside. What's the worst that could happen?
I say some "magic" words and fly away.
I think it through and calculate every possibility. I conclude that there's a significant risk of entering and walk away.
6. What kinds of clothes do you like to wear
Anything basic that lets me blend in with the crowd.
Beautiful and elegant clothing.
Anything dark. And pointy.
All I need is my fantastical hair, bruh.
Anything that I can easily work in. I'm the best there is at what I do.
A comfortable, tight, jumpsuit.
7. What's your favorite food?
All I eat is the internal organs of my defeated enemies.
Expensive, high-class food.
All I need to survive is hatred and bitterness.
Hot Pumpkin Soup!
Anything that will give me the energy needed to complete my task.
Love for fairies is what gets me through my day!
8. How do you do in school?
A's and B's mostly. I'm a pretty good student, but I get distracted and don't always remember to do certain things.
I'm the smartest person in my class! 100% or above in all classes.
I hate school. I couldn't care less.
I'm not the greatest academically, I must say. I am however passing a couple of my classes!
I'm a very diligent worker and will accept nothing less than an A.
What's school? All I care about is finding my soul mate.
9. You are about to depart on an adventure that will last several weeks. What ONE item do you bring?
Better go grab my sword. It's dangerous to go alone!
Food, obviously. I'll die if I can't eat!
All I require are my two fists. There are few things in this world that can't be solved with a hard hit to the mid-section.
I'll summon my henchmen.
Deku Nuts are the only way to go. Stun and kill.
Helium. Lots of helium.
10. You've just escaped a deadly battle and have a large gash on your back to prove it. What medicine do you use to heal it up?
A Red Potion from the Bazaar should do the trick!
A nice, expensive Blue Potion will fix me up quick!
I challenge my fate and WILL the wound to heal through sheer POWER!
Well all I packed was my lunch, so I guess I better drink my Lon-Lon Milk.
I honestly prefer good, old-fashioned magic over medicine.
11. There's a big, ugly Moblin blocking your path. What do you do?
Raise my shield and jump at the great beastie.
Fall back and request assistance. No reason to carelessly throw my life away.
Crush it's soul and force it to it's knees.
Use the Groosinator. Obviously.
Use a Deku Nut and strike from the shadows.
12. Did you enjoy this quiz?
Sure! It was ok.
Eh. I could've made a better one...
I hated it. Worst time of my life! I hope you die a miserable and painful death!
I dunno. I guess I had fun.
It was pretty good!

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