What would your name be if you were an old lady?

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Yay exotic said:
May 1 '15, 10:17PM

Oh thank goodness I just got rose!

Zia said:
Nov 28 '14, 5:06AM

Rose! This quiz was unique!

AmatheystShine said:
Jul 12 '14, 6:53PM

oooh loretta..

stormfur said:
Jun 9 '14, 9:13PM

rose, weird that's ma middle name...........OMG THEIR STALKING ME AHHHH!!!!!

Joann said:
Mar 1 '14, 12:56PM

Rose. Shouldn've taken this quiz anyways. I ain't no old lady not even a lady yet and I thought this quiz was called What would your name be IF you were an old lady. Oh I guess not

theskyseemsblue said:
Feb 8 '14, 1:13PM

Your Result: Rose

You are sweet, caring, and love your grandchildren to death. You love pastel colors and always have fresh baked cookies on the table. So... Your name shall be Rose and you shall be old. And you shall be Old Rose! : )




I already have an old lady name: Michalina (In my country, it's a popular name for elderly ladies) it's Michelle in English

mina73822 said:
May 25 '13, 5:03AM

Hi my name is Gertrude.

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