What would be your fate in a fantasy novel?

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There are many characters that make up the cast of a fantasy novel...but what happens to them in the end? Are they dead, married, or what? And what would happen if YOU were a character in a fantasy novel?

Well, here's a little quiz I made, just for fun; what would be your fate if you were a character in a fantasy novel? Go ahead and see! Remember, it's only in fun, so don't be mad if you end up dead or evil or something.;) Your choices determine the likelihood of consequences that would follow that course of action, ultimately leading to a final destination. So...whatever.

Created by: Meself
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3. You suddenly wake up in a fantasy village, and an old man in a cloak is bending over you applying something to your head. You...
Demand to know where you are and what happened.
Guess that you've been thrown into a fantasy world, that he is a healer, and that something hit you on the head. Having guessed all this, you ask him his name.
Lie back and wait until you're cured. Then you destroy him and leave.
Flutter your eyelashes at him and say, "You saved my life!...Didn't you?"
Ask where you can get proper, modern medical attention.
4. The man explains that there is a war against a Dark Lord going on. You...
Mutter, "How did I know you were going to say that?"
Ask cautiously who's winning (so you know whose side to join).
Ask for the quickest route to the Dark Lord's camp, so you can apply for his army.
Decide to take charge and start planning an attack on the Dark Lord.
Ask if the Dark Lord's handsome.
5. Suddenly two armed guards break in, knock you over, and hold you at swordpoint, demanding to know who you are. You reply...
"Hey, wait a minute, we can talk! I'm on your side..."
"Look, I have no idea about anything anymore. There was a flash and a bang and then I appeared in this weird place."
"Very well. I'm here to assist your Dark Lord in his campaign for world domination."
"None of your beeswax, ugly mug!"
"Come on, guys, I'm only a poor hapless beauty...you wouldn't hurt me, would you?"
Nothing; you pull out a sword and fight them off.
6. You are tied up and taken on a long march across the desert, in the direction of the Dark Lord's fortress. You are thinking...
"There's got to be a way to twist this situation to my advantage..."
"Ha. Once I meet the Dark Lord and offer my services, he'll reconsider executing me..."
"Ugh, sand is so uncomfortable in my shoes..."
"I wonder if the Dark Lord's handsome..."
"Maybe I could make a dash for it...forget about the six armed guards, I'll risk it..."
"Now, how to destroy the Dark Lord..."
7. You are brought before the Dark Lord, who is your typical skull-faced guy on a throne. He gives you an ultimatum: Join him, or be executed.
"Hey, no third options? Come on, there's got to be a better option..."
"Join you? Never!"
"I traveled here specifically to join you, so the choice is easy enough."
"Okay, okay, I'm with you. Just tell your guards to point those things in the other direction. I never could think clearly with a sword at my back..."
"Join you? As in marry you?"
"Go jump off Brooklyn Bridge. Okay, or this world's equivalent thereof."
8. Before the Dark Lord can reply, an army of good guys swarms the fortress! You are grabbed and hauled to safety. You say...
"Thanks!", grab a weapon, and join in the fight!
"Uh, yeah, that promise of undying loyalty I just made to the Dark Lord? That was just a joke...er, a distraction...or something...but never mind that, I'm on your side now!"
"You assume too much! I am here by choice! Mwahaha!"
"Thank you, sweetheart" and start a conversation with your rescuer.
"Eh, you didn't have to interfere, I was about to kill him back there."
9. Unfortunately, the good guys are outnumbered and dragged to the dungeons. That means you, too. You...
Wonder why the Dark Lord didn't hear your loud protests of loyalty to him and him only.
Insult the Dark Lord, the guards, and the architecture of the dungeons.
Have passed out from panic and stress, and therefore can't do much at the moment.
Walk proudly to the dungeons, with an escape plan brewing in your head.
Cry, because you always look the cutest when you cry.
Sigh. Why on earth did this happen to you, a contented inhabitant of the 21st century?
10. An hour later you are notified that the Dark Lord plans to execute you in five minutes. You...
Panic. There's not much else to do.
Beg the guard to let you join the forces of evil instead.
Rack your mind for an escape plan.
Cock your head to the side, flutter your eyelashes, and say, "Let me out. Pleeeease?"
11. Somehow, you got out of your cell. As you slip down a dark corridor, you hear a loud voice yelling, "_____'s escaped!" You...
Wonder how the heck they know your name.
Find a hiding spot.
Make a mad dash for the castle gates.
12. Your plan worked. You have escaped the fortress, and run into the rebel army outside, who are planning an epic battle. You...
Point out that their strategy is pathetic.
Join them. There seem to be more of them than bad guys at the moment.
Snort and say they'd do much better with a tank and some machine guns.
Plan to assassinate their leader and bring his head to the Dark Lord as proof of your loyalty.
Flirt with them.
Offer to help join the fight.
13. During the epic battle, you see the Dark Lord fighting with an enormous glowing sword. Hey...looks like he's coming straight at YOU!
Stay where you are and engage him in single combat, even if you know you're not as good a fighter as he is.
Sigh and think how dashing he looks, especially with that cute horned helmet...
Run, run, run, RUN. In the other direction.
Get a nervous breakdown.
Start killing good guys. Maybe the Dark Lord will see that and not kill you.
14. After the Dark Lord is defeated, you...
Are hailed as a hero for your bravery in the battle.
Run up to the hero and kiss him.
Feel annoyed. Now what are you going to do? No Dark Lord to fight for!
Are immensely relieved to be in one piece and start announcing how you were loyal to the good guys all along, trying to ignore their doubtful/disgusted looks.
Have died doing something terribly heroic that turned the tide of the battle.
Are still suffering from the after effects of that nervous breakdown, and can only yell, "I want to go home!"
15. Suddenly the wizard frpm the beginning of the scenarios appears. He says you can have one wish granted. You choose...
To go back home!
To become the new king!
To marry the hero!
To be rich!
To be saved from the mob who is trying to lynch you for helping the Dark Lord!
To come back to life! (If you've been killed, that is...)

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